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Default Rules, plus a note on the new forum order.

I want PRO to be a place when everyone can express themselves freely. So there won't be any strict rules when it comes to content. However, if I feel something crosses the line, I will delete it. Banning will be very rare, but I reserve the right to do so if neccessary. But here are a few rules that It think our fair.

1. Kids get your parent's permission before posting. As this board attracts a lot of adults. There may be some adult content discussed. I will delete stuff that crosses the line. But this is not a message board targeted at kids. Parent's please watch your children.

2. No hotlinking images from another website. This hurts the webmaster's bandwith and can cost them money. You should find a free place to post the image you need. If you can't just import than image here.

3. There will never be any other Admins or Mods at PRO-Board. So please don't ask. The exception is the RPG forum, since I don't have time to moderate. However, no additional mods for that section are required at this time. General TV is also being modded, but thats because its a forum I am letting another member use. But for the most part you will never see a team of mods here. Unless of course I change my mind =p. Well I changed my mind. Jzt451 and The Virginian are admins. However the the laxness of this board will not change.

4. I am intentionally keeping the forums simple, since this is a relatively small board at the most. Plus I hate it when Message Boards have like ten forums, especially when they are not big enough to support it.

5. I reserve the right to run this Board anyway I want. I will however, try to be fair. And like I said above, I want things to be laid back.

6. PRO and its Message Board has no official associtation with Power Rangers, Disney, or any other official parties invovled.

As an additional note. Some of you probably see some missing forums, if you are not a first time visitor. I moved Site Comments, and Off Topic Discussion into the archives ( where the Ezboard and LF archive forums are as well). General TV is now a subforum of General Discussion. I decided to condense things. Since there was no need to clutter things with more forums than we need. There is no reason why most of these things cannot be discussed in the General Discussion forum.
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