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Default Sailor Lords

I thought it would he interested if their was a mirror universe Sailor Moon .

A thousand years ago the Moon Kingdom conquered the Solar System . Ruled by Empress Serenity . The Sailor Lords were her soldiers led by Princess Serenity. Lord Endyimon betrayed Earth to join the moon and become Serenity's lover.

The Earth resistance were led by Lady Beryl and the Earth Guardians ( at Sir Kunzite , Sir Jedite, Sir Neprite, Sir Zoycite. Their powers were given to them by Gaea, the spirit of the Earth.

During a Lunar Eclipse the resistance was able to advantage of a weakness in the Empress' Dark Crystal. The Sailor Lords were finally defeated. Empress Serenity was mortally wounded. She sacrificed her Kingdom to send the Sailor Lords to be reborn in the future. Gaea sent the Earth Guardians to be reborn in the future as well.

In the present , the Sailor Lords are awakened. They proceed to conquer Earth. The Earth Guardians awaken to lead a new Earth Resistance.
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