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Default Did the voices of the Digimon in season 3 kill their power?

I'd say one of the things that doesn't really make season 3 stand out to me is the fact that no matter how powerful the Tamers' Digimon became, they always had the same voices. Growlmon, WarGrowlmon and even Gallantmon always carried Guilmon's goofy voice around with them, which didn't mesh with their new looks. The same goes for Gargomon, Rapidmon, and MegaGargomon always sounding small and timid like Terriermon. Renamon was the saving grace, since her voice was always mature.

And why were the other Digimon treated differently? Andromon and Gardromon sounded different, Antylamon and Lopmon had unique tones, and no other Digimon's Rookie and Ultimate forms sounded less like each other than Cyberdramon and Monodramon. I mean, when season 4 actually had humans become the Digimon and their voices still altered somewhat, I think the season 3 dub got cheated.
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Default Re: Did the voices of the Digimon in season 3 kill their power?

I agree with you there, the Season 3 Digi-forms just didn't capture how powerful they are/were due to their voice.
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Default Re: Did the voices of the Digimon in season 3 kill their power?

I think the reason they did that for at least Growlmon was so that Takato would stop being scared looking at an evolved digimon once heard Guilmon's voice. You do have a point though. I like how Palemon to Togomon to Lillymon changed with the character and yet I know they're all the same.
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