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Default Who Are I?

Lets see, Who Are I be?

<---- Thats my username. I feel I should get it changed though... >.>

Anyway! Hey im Ptera Power (Joe)! Im 15, and that means im a sophmore in high school. How did I get into Power Rangers? Thats really when I was a kid, I always got up to watch MMPR in the mornings, then it continued to Zeo, then Turbo, then i stopped watching after galaxy. Then, when i was babysitting a clients kid, he was watching Dino Thunder. At first i was shocked Power Rangers were still on the air, then I kinda got relaxed about it when I saw Emma Lahana (big surprise there eh?) so i downloaded some episodes, checked out some websites, and basically fell into the groove.

Fast forward a few months...

And here we are on Lahana Forums. I made a name of myself here, and everything is great! Until the site goes hacked. And then I get bombarded by Instant Messages saying "I cant believe that you hacked the site!" "What the hell is wrong with you?" ect. I didnt know what the hell was going on at the time but everyone insisted that I knew how to hack webforums. So after that whole incident I just decided to leave for a while, and just take a break.

A few more months go by..

I came back to this site hoping to see what has become of it. I saw it in the current state it is, a decimated battleground. Emma was gone, everyone just disappeared, and the ones that remained started to bicker at everyone. It is a shame I know, but still I knew I had to help in some way, even though I had to break through the notion that everyone hated me for something i supposedly had done.

Now here we are today, everything is straightened out, im contributing more, and rebuilding my name to what it once was: Ptera Power, the cool guy.

Long I know... but I was bored.
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it doesn't matter if it's long just glad you introed yourself
The Creature of Darkness
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The Eye of Isis
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Nice intro Joe. It's good to have you back around here.

Remember. I am always watching....
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