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Default Help wanted!

**The Power Rangers Online Universe Needs
Content writers for the website.<br><br>***Writers must
be fully versed in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers -
Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. Writers must be able to
fully describe in detail their assigned Characters/and
Series information. Writers will be writing Bios, Story
summaries and Series summaries, as well as Picture
captions.<br><br>***Writers are are needed for the new Toy section,<br>Fanfic
section, the upcoming Sentai Section, and RPG section. (If
you have some Power Ranger RPG'S that you want
published on the web, here's your big
chance!)<br><br><br><br>***All writers will be fully credited for their work on
the site,as well receive free html tutorials from
myself.<br><br>The Websites URL is
"<a href=http://www.oocities.com/Area51/Quasar/1999/ target=new>http://www.oocities.com/Area51/Quasar/1999/</a>"<br>(POWER RANGERS ONLINEE UNIVERSE)<br><br><br>Those
interested may contact me
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