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Default And the winner is.......................

DPLASK@CONCENTRIC.NET !<br><br>***Mr.Plask, could
you please reply to this post by Email
(UltimatePowerRanger@Yahoo.com)to receive your prize!<br><br><br>***This contest
wasn't an easy one, and Mr.Plask was the only contestant
to score 90%!<br>He will be receiving his own
personal Power Rangers Webpage and will be added as an
offical partner of the Power Rangers Online Universe
Website! <br><br><br>***The Yahoo ID that you will use
DPLASK is Lightspeed_Red. This ID will host your
website.<br>After you have verified the necessary
information,<br>we can begin work on your webpage!
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!<br><br><br>Next Contest will be announced on
Wednesday!<br><br>What was the first episode of mighty Morphin Power
Rangers titled?<br>DAY OF THE DUMPSTER!<br><br>What was
the first sentence that rocky said in MMPR the
movie?<br>WOO-HOO WERE� OUTTA HERE<br><br>What was the name of
Tommy's long-lost brother in Power Rangers Zeo?<br>DAVID
TRUEHEART<br><br>What was the name of the blue aquaitian
ranger?<br>CESTRO<br><br>What was Zordons home planet
called?<br>ELTAR<br><br>Which original Ranger (MMPR) was hired at the last
minute?<br>THUY RANG AKA TRINI!<br><br>Which zord from Power
Rangers in Space was the last be be destroyed?(In Power
Rangers in space, not counting Lost Galaxy)<br>MEGA
WINGER!<br><br>How many years was Magna Defender in the pit?<br>3000
YEARS<br><br>How many sixth rangers were there officially?<br>5 �
power did the gold ranger reveal in the last episode of
power rangers zeo?<br>THE POWER TO GROW<br><br>What is
the proposed name for the next power rangers
series?<br>POWER RANGERS LIGHTSPEED RESCUE (DUH!)<br><br>***Bonus
1*** How many hair colors did astronmema have in Power
Rangers in Space?<br><br>7 - BLACK, BLUE, BLEACH BLONDE,

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