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Old 04/01/21, 09:07 PM   #1
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Default NEW Rules effective immediately

PRangerX and I have decided on some new rules.

You must bash Aisha and Justin

No longer allowed to bash Tommy or Kat

You must write Fanfics involving Power Rangers however you have to use either celebrities or characters that I would be familiar with which includes only specific ones from streams

You can bash the Houston Astros as much as you want as well as Clevelandís decision to retire all Native American stuff

Politics and pandemic discussion is prohibited

Power Rangers fics must include someone from HyperRPG that I am familiar with

You must bash rule changes in MLB that are pointless and annoying

You are required to donate money to help out animals but only if they are cool animals meaning traditional pets meaning no snakes or anything like that

You must participate in D&D sessions but itís not required to be public

D&D sessions if they are customized should include various sets of heroes

Fics must also have crossovers but it doesnít matter how you handle them as long as a full team of Power Rangers are there
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Old 04/03/21, 08:38 PM   #2
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Default Re: NEW Rules effective immediately

This was Matt's yearly April Fools joke lol.
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