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Default Create a Ranger

If you created yourself a ranger identity (like my chronoranger character) what would its characteristics and bio be?

Height, Weight, and Age:
Ranger Team Affiliation: (chronoranger is a time force ranger^_^)

Let's see who can come up with the hottest powers....
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Shadow Ranger
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Oooh...this looks fun 'Borrowing' from my fanfic, here we go:

Name: Michael Williams aka Silver Ranger
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 212 lbs.
Age: 28 (Yeah, he ain't young, but I prefer the twenty-something Rangers to the kids)
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Origin: London, England
Ranger Team Affiliation: MMPR
Bio: Once the scourge of the Power Rangers, the Gray Ranger was created by Lord Zedd out of the ashes of the Green Ranger in order to destroy the Rangers. Wielding the power of Darkness, the Gray Ranger proved himself by defeating all of the Power Rangers in combat, even crippling five of the Rangers and destroying the ThunderZords.

After losing his powers with the destruction of his ThunderZord, Michael went on a quest to retrieve the Black Morpher, a powerful morpher that would restore his powers. Having to give in to the power of hate to defeat illusions of Ecliptor and the White Ranger, Michael succeeded in finding the morpher, but lost it the White Ranger. Once the White Ranger became evil, Michael found himself an ally of the Rangers now. A restored Zordon gave Michael the option of becoming the powerful Silver Ranger if he would give up his evil ways.

Agreeing, for the time being, Michael found himself allied with the Power Rangers and was able to finally defeat Tommy in combat, but in doing so, unleashed a temporal storm that forced the Rangers into a post-apocalyptic future. With the Dark Ranger still out there and the past he once knew far gone, a reformed Michael know fights against the injustices he used to perform

Powers: Controls the element of Light. Specific abilities include: _Grand Flare_ - the Silver Ranger fires a burst of flame charged with holy energy at his enemies. _Hand of Fate_ - the Silver Ranger channels power through his Silver Power Staff and unleashes a powerful blast of energy at his foes.
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Delta Red
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Already done so! My guy Matt from my Lost galasy remake! ^^

Name: Matthew Daniel Corbett
Age: 16
Height: 5' 11
Weight: 205 lbs
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Origin: Angel Grove, California
Ranger Team Affiliation: Delta Rangers(Leader)

Bio: Matt was the second Silver Ranger at age 11, his rangerdom with the Astro team having lasted only a few weeks before the release of the Purge Wave. Five years later, he became a Ranger again when he drew the Delta Saber of Light from the Stone of Ages on Miradon and realized his true destiny as the Chosen One.

He became the Red Delta Ranger, Ranger of Light, and assumed command of his team due to his greater Ranger experiance. He's "bonded" to the Red Star Beast Lioness, and also has rather strong feelings for the only other teenager of his team; Maya(pronounced "may-ah")

Matt also has an extremely nasty temper, one that is countered by his equally extreme loyalty to his friends and those he loves. He has never forgiven himself for causing the events that lead to the death of his father while he was Silver Ranger, and has spent his life since then trying to make of fomr his mistake.

Powers: As the Chosen One and wielder of the Saber of Light, Matt is endowed with awesome energy manipulative abilities, in addition to the energy field his shield projects to deflect any energy blast or high speed projectile fired at him. It's only weakness is that it cannot block or deflect physical attack or slow moving projectiles. He is able to focus the energies of his Shield Barrier into a powerfully destructive blast beam that fires from the coin symbol on his shield, as well as generate high power energy balls. A non- ranger power gained from his Saber is the gift of supersonic speed boosting, enabling Matt to reach running speeds of up to Mach 1.

He also has an extremely high telepathic ability, one that is rivaled only by those held by all of Maya's people on Miradon and the Aquitians.
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Shadow Ranger
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Default I have been in the game since the beginning!

I started out a long time ago, but have since been modest.

Name: Josh James
Age: 21
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 20 lbs
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Origin: Houston, Texas, but now in Washington, D.C.
Ranger Team Affiliation: Terra Force Rangers, Leader

A long, long time ago, I can still remember...

I was trekking through the woods with some friends of mine. We had heard legends growing up about the super human fighting force, the Power Rangers. When Rita Repulsa and her evil mutants began attacking the earth in 1994, the three rangers appeared. The Black Ranger with the power of the great Mastadon and the element of Ice, the Yellow Ranger with the power of the Saber-tooth Tiger, and the element of Electricity, and the Pink Ranger, with the power of the Pteradactyl, and the element of Wind; they began fighting the baddies.
We learned of three other powers hidden that would complete the team. So we went in search of them. We were all just 14, well Kevin was 15, but me and Josh (number 2) wanted to see if the legend was true. While searching, we found this old, hollow tree, and on the inside was a chamber with the three lost Power Coins. Kevin became the Red Ranger, Josh the blue ranger, and me the Green Ranger. We then met up with the others, Johnathan, black; Amanda, Yellow; and Nikki, Pink. We fought Rita till Zedd showed up.

Zedd destroyed our zords and forced us to summon the Thunderzords. Josh was replaced by Brandon, and Amanda was replaced with Keri. He then destroyed my powers as the Green Ranger, and then I became White. Soon after, we beat him. The team broke up with no evil to face.
Later, I had moved to a new town, Beaumont, and a new enemy arose. Ivan Ooze came. So I enlisted new friends and we reclaimed the powers. But they weren't strong enough. So Zordon sent us to Pheudos to claim the Great Power. With the new Ninjetti powers, Ooze was defeated. But when Zedd, Vile, Count Dregon, Vexor, and Nukus destroyed our power coins, we used the Zeo Crystal to fight back.
With the appearance of Malligore, we up-graded to Turbo. By this time I was in college with a new team. I was Red, Dennis was Blue, Sara was Yellow, Doug was green, and Suzy was Pink. The Villians 5 were no match to us.
Until they found the Zeo Ark, and turned the power of the Zeo Crystal, Super Zeo Gems, the Ark, and King Trey's Golden Power Staff against us. They blew up the entired command center. But more bad news had come for Eltar, and Zordon, had fallen to the attack of Dark Spectre. With a Shuttle from MSNASA, we trekked through space to fight evil. As the Lightstar rangers, we beat him.
After that, a portal was opened to Utopia, the sister planet of Earth. There we fought the Dark Sentials of Orion with the power of the Quazar sabres. After restoring Sara to the throne of Utopia, I returned to Earth. There I was enlisted in Lightspeed, as the commanding officer of the new Power Ranger team. After saving the earth from Lord Frezia, I was recruited by Time Force to stop Emerald, Mistress of the Nega Moon from changing the past. Once done, I tried to take a vacation.
But low and be hold, I had hoped that Washington DC wouldn't need a new hero, but noooo, Grand Darkness resurects Emerald, Frezia, and Frax to make my life troublesome. But Gaia, the spirit of Earth gave me, Chris, Nathan Sommers, Jackie, and Bruce the Power of the Terra Beasts.

Will I ever get to go on vacation?
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Shadow Ranger
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This is one of my favorite charcters in my fanfic, Power Rangers New Dawn. If you want to know more about him or other characters, head to my site.

Name: Kellen Jordan
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 175lbs
Age: 25
Ethnicity: African-American
Origin: Angel Grove, California
Ranger Team Affiliation: Currently, Green Rescue Ranger, But will have new powers this fall.
Bio:Kellen Jordan was born in Angel Grove. Unfortinetly, he didn't receive the gift of sight. His parents sent him to special edication schools. At that time, Kellen or his parents thought it was possible for him to suceed in life. Everything he learned at school felt like a waist since he couldn't see the wonders of life.

At the age of 13, Kellen met a new teacher. He was a martial arts tutor, and he wanted the blind student to join. Kellen couldn't see anything to lose, so he joined. This teacher taught Kellen everything, from kicks to walking without a cane. After five years of training, Kellen found out his teacher was also blind. This was a shock to the young student. He wanted to show his teacher that he can be as good as him, but the mentor said Kellen was already as good as himself, if not than better.

Kellen met some new friends one day, but an attack from evil space aliens occured. To Kellen, they were just like all other threats he heard, so he helped to defeat the invaders. What he didn't knw, was his new friends were Power Rangers. He was able to identify them by the sounds of their voices, which the Rangers were shocked. All the Rangers found Kellen very helpful.

When Clyde received the Red Astro Ranger powers, his body was under strong pains, since the balance of power in the Morphin Grid was disturbed. The only way to save him was to give someone else the Black Astro Ranger powers. In an instant, Zordon selected Kellen. What he and the Rangers didn't know was that Kellen was blind. At first, the Rangers would leave the blind Ranger behind and attack evil without him, but Kellen proved himself to be very helpful when he defeated the evil forces by himself. After the Rangers saw Kellen's real power, they were more than happy to allow him to be a regular Ranger.

Kellen is happy to be a Ranger, but he yearns for more. Going through so many years without sight, makes the young adult questions greatly. "Once in my life, I just wish I could see my face, to know what I look like would be the greatest gift for me." (Kellen explaining to Elizabeth) Kellen also wants to be independent. Even though he knows that he needs help, he will never ask for it. His best friend, Clyde Stryker, is always watching Kellen's back, but doing it in a descrete way, so that the blind Ranger doesn't know. Independence is hard for the blind, but Kellen always manages to suceed by himself.

Powers: Other than his Ranger powers, Kellen has sharpened senses that aids when fighting. Some enemies can't even tell that Kellen is blind.

-Jason Sohiel
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Shadow Ranger
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This is from my new sentai fanfic which is 70% completed

Name: Thomas Xiaou Li (Tommy)
Weight: 160
Age: 18
Ethnicity: Half Asian/Half African American
Origin:Lakewood, California
Ranger Team Affiliation: Go Sei Sentai Ryuranger (Kirin Ranger)

A descendant of the Dai Tribe that brought forth the Dairangers. Tommy Xiaou Li didn't expect much from his life when he was younger, but found himself training with his father to be a fighter. All that seemed to change when his father mysteriously passed away when he was 13 years old.

That was when Tommy decided to keep on fighting to make his father proud of him, but that was just the beginning of the path set for him by the Dai Elders.

Li found himself being able to use the power of his chi into full energy which was proven very powerful when he ended up in a fight with a man named Tatsumi Fuji, someone who would become one of his greatest foes.

That was when his half sister Lisa Xi-Li, tried to train him into being a Dai Warrior, but that only seemed to make things worse as a rift began to form between the two of them as she became cold and vindictive.

At the age of 17 Tommy moved with his mother Shar'ri Mc Neil to Tokyo where he met another person that would change his life. Her name was Misato Komuro. The two of them fell in love, but she and his mother were taken from him by Tatsumi.

Around that time, a Dairanger by the name of Tempuusei Lin approached him. Telling him that he was needed to fight the Gorma Tribe. At first he was reluctant, but when he saw a Gorma General named Stefan Harmon take the comatose body of Misato Komuro and throw her off of Tokyo Tower. He swore from then on that he would fight for the Dai Tribe as the next Kirin Ranger.

He continued on back to his Hometown of Lakewood where strange disturbances were happening. Li knew that it was the Gorma, so he began on a quest to fight them with the other four new Dairangers calling themselves Ryuranger. He knew that he would have to stop the Gorma from suceeding, but he also fought so he could avenge the death of Misato.

That's what keeps him going.

Able to manipulate some of time and space with his abilities. With the amount of Chi stored within him, Li can actually launch a full attack with just one thought. His most powerful attacks are the Heaven Time Reversalwhich is capable of destroying the enemy; And the Heavenly Rebirth in which he uses his Chi at full strength leaving him weak and defenseless. He has only used this ability once.

Daibuster, Dairod, Dairiken, Kirin Nine Tails.

1992 Kawasaki Ninja (When he is not Kirin Ranger)
Kirin Kiber Cycle: Designation YK-4

Sei Kirin
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Name:Bridget Anderson. Real Name:Brie(last name unknown).
Origin:KO-35(grew up on Earth in Los Angeles).
Ranger Team Affiliation:PRIS.
Bio:When she was 2 her older sister Aria who later became known as Ashley was taken.Bridget then was taken to Earth for her own safety.When she was 13 she had a little girl named Maria.Then when Bridget turned 17 she met up with her sister again who of course was Ashley the Yellow Astro Ranger.Ashley gave her the Orange Astro Ranger.She is now going out with TJ & helping her sister & brother Zhane to thwart their father Nicor.
Powers:She has telekenetic & telepathic powers.
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This is a character from my new series called the omega rangers.

Name:Lara Thompson.
Origin:San Deigo,California.
Ranger Team Affiliation:The Omega Rangers.
Bio:She was born on April 9th 1988 to Amanda & Henry Thompson.She has long blonde hair & blue eyes.She has one younger sister named Elisabeth.She loves to scuba dive,ski dive & bunjy jump.She came to Angel Grove when she was 14 she was noticed by the evil guy Zinglar.Her first day at Angel Grove High was a disaster.But she made a friend named Kelly then met her brother Scott.Then when they went into the Surf Spot which was now owned by Ashley Hammond(ex-yellow astro ranger)& her husband Andros(ex-red astro ranger)she spilled some juice over Scott & she got a job working there.A year later she was kidnapped by Zinglar & he gave her the white omega morpher.

Then a guy named Tristram called on Scott,Kelly,Paul,Nicole & Ryan to become the other omega rangers.Scott was to become the red,Kelly the yellow,Paul the black,Nicole the pink & Ryan the blue.Lara finally turned to the good side when Kelly persuaded her she learnt of her true destiny to become the purple omega ranger she also learnt that she was destined to save the universe because she was the Emperess Of Eltar.She had been taken from her home when she was very small for her own safety.So how will Lara handle this I only know the answer to that.
Powers:She has the power to heal animals & humans when she wants to.She also has the power to read minds.
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ssj6 vegeta1
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i cant post that fast ill do this later
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Name:Christopher Tekra
Height: 5'11
Weight: 150 lbs.
Age: 14
Ranger Team Affiliation: The Gao-Atlantis Rangers
Ranger Color: Blue

After being kidnapped and held for Ransom by the evil villian Metusha, Chris discovered that his brother, Matt, and best friend, Jeremy, were both Power Rangers.

When Metusha injected microdeviceinto Jeremy, preventing him from morphing, there was only one person who could take his place, Chris.

Working side by side with his brother, Chris has become one of the best Atlantian Rangers, ever.

Atlantis Saber
Atlantis Blaster

DNA Morphing Chip: Power Of The Shark-Enabled to have all the traits of a shark, when DNA chip is called upon.
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