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David64ca 04/22/02 01:04 AM

@#%$ tastes good
Hi! I'm a drunk and I'm going to kill you all.

Thank you!

Homer56712 04/22/02 12:49 PM

Someone ban this loser immediatley

Red Tulip Ranger 04/22/02 04:31 PM

As you might ot might not know ; The moderator of this board has been gone for I don't know how long...

ForeverBlue 04/22/02 04:41 PM

Only ChronoRanger can do that since he is the admin but he hasn't been here at all. David acts weird at PRC sometimes.

Cross My Line 04/22/02 04:45 PM

Homer showing his smartness again.

David64ca 04/26/02 04:15 PM

This is a board of evil! I am now in charge of this place.

You can call me Lord David!

Cross My Line 04/26/02 04:24 PM

The way, I act around here, I can safely say I rule this place. Although, MiChaos is the only posting mod here, and has more posts, so he is God of PRO.

You are nothing but an idiot, of which this board has enough already.

David64ca 04/26/02 04:47 PM

Don't make me laugh little man. I am a god!


Cross My Line 04/26/02 06:32 PM

Yes. God of the idiots, and all stupid things. Now get the hell out of here, and go back to annoying everyone at PRC. No one comes here, you're wasting your time. Begone.

MiChaos 04/27/02 07:19 PM

I am a god CML? Wow, I must build a temple for you all to worship me in, lol.

Don't fight a battle of the wits with someone clearly unarmed.

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