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Conversation Between PRangerX and Asleepintheelement
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  1. PRangerX
    04/18/11 06:40 PM
    I found you're old account. It was Disaace. I merged it into you're new one. Let me know if you want you're name changed.
  2. PRangerX
    04/18/11 06:09 PM
    Hey, good to hear from you again. Mes closed PRE but offered to let someone start a new PRE. So I just turned PRO Board into the new PRE. You're old PRE account wouldn't work here. You're Lahana Forum account should still be here. Was it Ptera Power? Did you ever had an account at PRO?
  3. Asleepintheelement
    04/18/11 06:02 PM
    Hey it's disaace but it wont let me regain my password. So what happened with Mesogog giving you this site? ive been gone for too long it seems.

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