View Full Version : Could the Battle Grid suits from VR Troopers make a good Power Rangers team?

01/10/11, 10:05 AM
Hypothetically speaking... If they still had the Battle Grid suits from VR Troopers, and they were still in usable condition could they be used as suits for American original rangers? I could definitely see the Battle Grid JB, and Kaitlin costumes as rangers since they look the most ranger like, The Battle Grid Ryan suit though I imagine being used for an ally character like a Blue Senturion esque character.

01/10/11, 10:07 AM
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I don't think its very likely that they are still around. Disney destoryed a lot of the Saban stuff. And those we're from years ago. If they we're , they probably could be used to that though.
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01/10/11, 10:07 AM
Huh, well it would it be hard to replicate them? After all weren't they just spandex bodysuits with repainted MMPR Red Ranger helmets I just think it would have been cool since they used the Beetle Borg suits for the Machine Generals in Forever Red.

01/10/11, 10:08 AM
I suppose they could recreate them. But that doesn't sound likely.

The Beetleborg suits we're from storage. Saban Entertainment saved more stuff. Tzachor ordered Amit to incorporate the suits into the story.

11/25/11, 12:59 AM
Semi-OT Hypothetically speaking if Gokaiger does end up doing metal hero crossovers, and every metal hero show got an episode.

And Saban just adapted the Shaider, Spielvan, and Metalder episodes for a VR Troopers crossover would you want to see them use the Battle Grid suits?

11/25/11, 09:41 AM
In regards to the original topic of this thread, I don't think the Battle Grid suits would be good for an actual Power Rangers team however in regards to your question, Zabitan, yes I would want them to use both the Battle Grid suits and the Trooper suits.

11/26/11, 11:06 PM
I see like I said earlier I just wanted to see them do something for VR Troopers the way they reused Beetle Borgs monsters in Mystic Knights, and Power Rangers, as well as the infamous Beetle Borgs as Machine Generals in Forever Red.

And the Battle Grid suits just seemed to make sense since they already look Power Ranger esque.

And I heard somewhere that the reason they made the Battle Grid suits in the first place is because they either couldn't get stunt suits from Spielban, and Metalder or they did but the stunt people couldn't move all that much let alone fight in them.

That I just like the Battle Grid suits [shameless plug] I even have my own thread (http://pro-board.org/showthread.php?t=3383) on them[/shamless plug], and that even if VR Troopers didn't share a universe with Power Rangers it would still be a nice wink wink nudge nudge to the audience.

11/27/11, 10:57 AM
I'm not sure exactly of the story. I've just heard that no one could move in the Trooper suits. Now whether it was just the stunt suits or both kinds of suits I don't know.

11/27/11, 08:00 PM
Well I have an old Disney Adventures from 1994 were they interviewed the cast of the show, and they asked Sarah Brown if the cyber suits were uncomfortable, and she said yes.

Though they didn't say anything about the Battle Grid suits.

04/16/12, 10:02 PM
They probably figure the actors never wore the Battle Grid suits whereas all actors have to wear the primary suits for promo shots. Much like how every actor within Power Rangers has always been in a promo shot while in their Ranger suits but it's doubtful they were the ones wearing the suit during the point in which they were using power-ups such as Metallic Armor, Battlizers, Lights of Orion, Swat Mode, etc.

04/16/12, 10:17 PM
What about for transformations?

04/16/12, 11:13 PM
That's a good exception as well although we never saw such transformations in VR Troopers... as far as I recall. Mostly as I recall it was just them shouting "We are V.R" then it goes into the transform sequence, then you see the actor's face then it cuts into their Trooper suit.

09/04/12, 02:33 PM
You mean like insta morphs? Well there is one in Tyler Steele's message in The Battle Begins, and another one in Dream Battle when the Troopers return to reality after having Knighttime's dream spell put on them.

09/05/12, 01:10 AM
No, I meant an actual sequence.

09/05/12, 01:15 AM
Ahh never mind then because the Battle Grid transformations were just the actors faces, then the helmet forms onto them, and their in Battle Grid mode.

09/05/12, 11:32 AM
Yeah, I don't like those 'Megaranger' sequences. That is basically what the Grid/Trooper sequences were.

09/07/12, 10:13 PM
Indeed now that I think about it I would have liked to have seen one where they put on the Battle Grid suits, and then the helmet forms on their heads.