View Full Version : Hello i`m new in these parts

09/20/01, 01:58 AM
but i see some other people from PRC are here
now who cares:

09/20/01, 09:19 PM
Hi there:) *pretends I don't know him*

09/20/01, 10:23 PM
Oh, my God PRO, has seen its fate...now that you're here...


09/23/01, 06:55 PM
lighten up myth :)

Cross My Line
03/23/02, 10:32 PM
This thread was the last thread on the last page. I have no saved it from eternal doom :rolling:

03/23/02, 10:39 PM
You fool, by opening the sealed last page, and opening the last post, you have cursed us all! Bwahahahahahahah. Ahem.

03/23/02, 11:10 PM
Holy Mother of Peaches! We're ALL gonna DIE!!!

03/23/02, 11:18 PM
First time I've ever heard Holy and Peaches in one sentence before... ;)

Cross My Line
03/24/02, 09:50 AM
Then you haven't spoken to me all that much:p

go galactic
03/24/02, 03:42 PM
what the @#%$ are u talking about

Cross My Line
03/24/02, 10:19 PM
If you have to ask. You'll never know......... *whispers*moron*whispers*

go galactic
03/25/02, 07:50 AM
*whispers* what a sarcastic freak, he will never get a girl friend,and if he will get,she will never marry him,he will die old SINGLE with 1000 cats *whispers*

Cross My Line
03/25/02, 05:06 PM
:lol That would have been a really great comeback...... had it not been for one small flaw.

go galactic
03/25/02, 07:04 PM
what was the flaw

Cross My Line
03/25/02, 11:12 PM
That I do actually have a girlfriend.

Red Tulip Ranger
03/26/02, 06:01 PM
You see? She DOES actually have a girl fiend... ahum... ;-)

Cross My Line
03/27/02, 06:05 PM
Despite your edit, theres still a major flaw in it. I hate cats. I'd kill myself before buying one of them.

03/27/02, 08:40 PM
HEY!!! Whats wrong with cats...you're beginning to sound like Zeddy-babes in A Ranger Catastrophe :rolling:

Cross My Line
03/27/02, 08:52 PM
You always like the people you have the most in common with. I know I definitely relate to Adam....... but Zedd? Heh, maybe one day I will try to take over the Earth by making some monsters grow repeatedly, and then go into the next stage of my evil plan by marrying the woman I most hate.

03/27/02, 08:55 PM
Oh no, maybe I should build that monster shelter now. And marrying the woman you most hate? Decisions decisions....

Cross My Line
03/27/02, 09:32 PM
Shouldn't be too hard finding someone like that........

03/28/02, 03:09 AM
Don't forget to have a quartet of idiots surround you at all times.(Rito, Squatt, Baboo, Goldar(from 3rd and 4th seasons))

Cross My Line
03/28/02, 05:07 PM
Nah, you only really need a good foil to your character, and Rito would do that perfectly.

03/28/02, 09:10 PM
OK, so now you're looking for the woman you most hate to have an idiotic yet comical brother, preferably a walking skeleton? You only have one hope....*shudders at the thought* Blind Date!

Cross My Line
03/28/02, 10:47 PM
Or that chained thing E4 does...... Either way, it will result in me being sickened many times over.