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Crimson Warlocke
07/21/06, 05:11 PM
I have just finished creating a forum for a Power Rangers RP. It's still in the making so bare with me lol. The RP is not based on any of the TV series, but on an original storyline (which could possibly be subject to change). If this forum works, I think it would probably either be the only Power Rangers RP or one of very few.

Oh and aside from being able to apply as a Ranger, you can also apply as a villian. Right now . . . the unavailable Rangers to apply as are Red, Blue, and Black. The ones that are available are Green, Yellow, Pink, and White. Oh and you can also apply as a character from any of the TV series (just make sure their history somewhat relates to the original storyline). Please join because we are in dire need of members. You don't have to RP to join. So please join if you're interested. Thank You!

Here's the link: http://powerrangersul.proboards79.com/index.cgi