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Default Digimon TV Schedule (November 23-December 3)

Orange = Season 1
Blue = Season 2
Red = Season 3
Maroon = Season 4

[align=center][size=large](All times are for Toon Disney)[/size]
Thursday, November 23rd (Thanksgiving)
8:00 AM: "Impmon's Last Stand"
10:30 PM: "The Messenger"
2:30 AM: "Impmon's Last Stand"
3:00 AM: "The Messenger"

Friday, November 24th
8:00 AM: "Out of the Blue"
10:30 PM: "The D-Reaper's Disguise"
2:30 AM: "Out of the Blue"
3:00 AM: "The D-Reaper's Disguise"

Sunday, November 26th
9:00 PM: "Rabbit Transit"
1:30 AM: "Rabbit Transit"

Monday, November 27th
8:00 AM: "Jeri's Quest"
10:30 PM: "When is a Mon Justimon?"
2:30 AM: "Jeri's Quest"
3:00 AM: "When is a Mon Justimon?"

Tuesday, November 28th
8:00 AM: "The Boar Wars"
10:30 PM: "His Kingdom for a Horse"
2:30 AM: "The Boar Wars"
3:00 AM: "His Kingdom for a Horse"

Wednesday, November 29th
8:00 AM: "A World Apart"
10:30 PM: "Shadow of the Beast King"
2:30 AM: "A World Apart"
3:00 AM: "Shadow of the Beast King"

Thursday, November 30th
8:00 AM: "The Journey Begins"
10:30 PM: "D-Reaper's Feast"
2:30 AM: "The Journey Begins"
3:00 AM: "D-Reaper's Feast"

Friday, December 1st
8:00 AM: "Brave New Digital World"
10:30 PM: "Jeri Fights Back"
2:30 AM: "Brave New Digital World"
3:00 AM: "Jeri Fights Back"

Sunday, December 3rd
9:00 PM: "Lionheart"
1:30 AM: "Lionheart"[/align]
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