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Default Digimon Savers: Episode 13 Chat (Spoilers, duh)

Well, being a Digimon message board, we should have episode discussions, so why not start on a big note, with the introductory installment of the Savers Ultimate level?

I thought this episode was great. For some reason, it wasn't quite as engaging as the one before, but I guess that was due to it being mostly focused on fighting.

Mercurimon expectedly squashed his opponents, then used Biyomon to take them out permanently. I thought the Digivolution into Aquilamon was strange, especially when it Digivolved to Garudamon eventually. Not to mention that until now we've only known a male Aquilamon. (The Savers Digivolution lines have baffled me, but that's a whole different topic).

As I had thought might happen, Masaru unleashed the power of his Digi-Soul around his entire body, before channeling it into his arm and through the Digivice, which looked very cool. RiseGreymon's Digivolution sequence was great, though not the best I've ever seen (that title still belongs to Paildramon), although it really did spark up what I felt were the pretty flat Champion Digivolutions Savers has delivered thus far.

RiseGreymon's Rising Revolver attack is awesome, can't wait to see it again, which won't take long given the spoilers of the next couple of episodes. More Mercurimon will also be quite a treat.
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