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Default Re: Every wonder what season 2 would be like with the originals?

Its always interestind me to wonder if they were just red herrings for White Ranger or if they had other plans? I would say they were candidates to replace the others but that doesn't fit the timeline. Since Austin, Walter, and Thuy walked out abruptly. There was no grand plan to set up there departure. Which is why the had to scramble to find ways of including their characters when the actors weren't around to film. Richie and Curtis were dropped after the cast change. But Curtis was Zack's cousin and Richie was seemingly Trini's love interest...So that could be why. Or they simply guest starred in the episodes hey signed for and production decided to not bring their characters back. I do wonder if they ever considered making Curtis and Richie Rangers before the Ninja Trio? We have never heard anything to indicate that though.
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