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Default Re: Power Rangers Morphinverse Concepts thread

Power Rangers Solaris Crusade (Maskman)

Story: "It is the year 2588 five hundred years after an event called the calamity in which pollution, and nuclear war nearly destroyed the Earth forcing humanity to split into two groups those on the surface, and those in the center of the Earth.

Because of this humans, and other lifeforms evolved into various tribes of strange creatures but the various tribes lived in peace and harmony with each other until the evil subterannean mutant warlord Strontion with the help of his minions Princess Draco, Baron Shellor, Frictor, Ninjana, and Shocktohead conqured the underground tribes of Nocturna with their vicious monsters the Merloids.

Meanwhile the surface dwelling tribes of Solaris are celebrating Princess Corona's intent to marry one of the princes the various tribes, and lowly cobbler Daelon impersonates a prince to see her, and the two fall in love.

Unfortunately Corona is kidnapped by Strontion, and his minions, and frozen in their underground prison leaving Daelon, his two friends Flora, and Quikler, and two of Corona's friends, and royal guards Flexx, and Shino to save her, and protect the surface.

Luckily scientist, and wizard Icaron has combined both current, and ancient technology with the magic of the Tribes of Solaris giving Daelon, and the others the power to become Power Rangers Solaris Crusade"
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