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Prince William
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Default Handing the Rangers losing their courage

Hey guys in episode 12, when the rangers lose their courage how would you like it to affect them? I don't expect all these things to happen but what I'd like to more or less see is:
Koda somewhere in a corner rocking back and forth as he's afraid of all the technology he's surrounded by.

Riley being pummelled by his tennis ball machine.
Chase failing miserably while trying to flirt with Buzzi and/or other randomers and wiping out on his skateboard.
As for Tyler and Shelby, I have no idea about those 2.
Well at least for once Chase won't be the only dude in distress .

As a matter of interest do you guys believe in Chase's hotshot skills? I feel like we need more back story on that. I just find it hard to believe that within a couple of months of being the black ranger, Chase is suddenly an awesome marksman and sniper. Whereas Riley on the other hand has been a fencer for years and is a good swordsman. If I had to choose one of them to be on my team between Riley's sword skills or Chase's shooting, I know who I'd go with.

If they were to do another flashback of Chase, I'd understand that as a kid he was into archery or something similar to that and then as he got older Chase turned his attention to er um toy guns
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Default Re: Handing the Rangers losing their courage

Bones caused the 4 main male rangers to lose their courage. They were afraid of the entrance to their hideout. It took a talk from Keeper to get their courage back. Shelby and Ivan never lost their courage in that episode.
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