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Since I haven't seen it yet, I'll just post some posts by people who don't worship garbage.

Ya know what's annoying? Being an editor for a TV.com show, and having hundreds of idiots submitting info for a new episode all at the same time, all vying to get the info on there as quickly, poorly spelled, and as retarded-sounding as possible.

So, A-Squad is bad. They're mean bad. And we're supposed to believe, without ever learning the characters' names, their history, only that they are so highly trained and regarded, that they're evil without any hint of a spell. All this time they've spent missing? Nothing is said about where they were. So, what, Devil's Advocate, they're good, they get captured, Gruumm offers them a deal to join his side, and they take it? All five of them just give in without any coercion? Maybe they were tortured into it, like some sort of Clockwork Orange dealie. No, then they wouldn't be CARDED for their "crimes"! Bridge "sensed" something before they were ever captured, does this mean they were working for Gruumm to begin with? Then why destroy his robot in the second episode? Why go through the motions of capturing? Not to mention, Gruumm was way the hell off of Earth with only Piggy as his "contact" at best. If they were always evil and always working for Gruumm, then the show has failed once again to hint at it even once during the pre-capture episodes (no, retconning Bridge's reading into meaning it does NOT count).

So, despite the show not using the forced comic-panel effects excessively in about 30 episodes, they come back with full fury tonight for no reason at all. It's pointless, ugly, and a waste of budget. Which means it fits right in with the rest of SPD!

They try to make Jack's romance with Ally into something with a purpose, as to say "hey, we didn't waste your time last episode! this is stuff that's gonna be setting up Jack's end as a Ranger!" Course, none of the other 50 Rangers on the show get this, and it's not even something that's been underscored the whole season, just invented in the lead-in to the finale. Hands up for everyone who gives a damn about whether or not Jack remains a Ranger because he's got this rich white broad he's banging on the side and she gets all whiney when he has to go save the world instead of giving her a booty call?

I do love poor directoral timing when Kat tells the B-Squad that A-Squad has "gone and taken Doggie with them". Z gasps, and the Rangers look stunned. WHY? She didn't give the slightest hint of malice, just they'd left along with their leader, who's a Ranger, too, after all! They just automatically assume A-Squad went evil, despite nothing whatsoever implying that prior, Kat's remark especially.

Kat lies to the B-Squad when she tells them Doggie told her they're the best he's ever seen. I mean, sure, he HAS said it? But he's contradicted himself endlessly! What's even worse, is Kat then tells Boom how far more experienced and better fighters the A-Squad is, making it clear that A-Squad is indeed better than B.

Broodwing somehow knows Doggie has been captured, despite how he has no connection to Gruumm anymore, and has never been even implied to have bugs in the base. Oh, and despite being a lowly arms-trader, he has HIS OWN GENERALS! Only one of which is even given a name in the end credits (Crabhead, the others are "Monster #1" and "Monster #2". Personally, I say name them after Bruce's yes-men, Keith and Peterson). At least they get use of the stolen SWAT tech, which hasn't been used since it was made an issue eons ago. Speaking of which, why didn't Gruumm give the SWAT tech to A-Squad? I mean, the B-Squad ONLY defeats the A-Squad because they got SWAT. A-Squad is better at teamwork, skills, technique, drive... but B-Squad has superior firepower. All that matters in this episode is they power up, cause then they win. Jeez louise...

The fight between B & A Squads is nicely choreographed... and ruined by explosion after explosion after explosion. Not just explosions, not, no simple fireball blasts and pyrotechnics. But BRIGHT YELLOW TO WHITE bursts EVERY two seconds, with the amateurish sound effect crew using the same one "explosive" sound, cranked all the way to 11. The Rangers fight in a stadium area, with nothing explosive around, yet EVERY shot leads to a massive blast. Jack opens his mouth, it causes an explosion. Bridge wiggles his fingers, an explosion for each finger wiggle occurs. Every letter I type here? An explosion happens. It's unbelievably awful in is presentation, like Bruce and company figure "distract the Zombie-viewers with bright lights and they won't notice how much the show sucks!" And sadly, that's exactly what'll happen.

What, a battle? That means it's time for Jack to go "WHOOOOOOOOA!" as many times as possible! Seriously, every time he's done it this season I've wanted more and more for someone to cut off just enough of his dick to make size-queen Emma no longer want him anymore.

Here's the token mention of Omega. He gets sidelined to lead non-Ranger cadets against Krybots, and despite his superiorness, gets beat way the hell too easily. And despite being trapped in the tightly sealed base, with Krybots in control? He magically gets out, which we don't see nor get implied until the Rangers tell him to take the SWAT Megazord! For fuck's sake, RIC gets treated more like a human being than Sam does in this episode!!

Remember how clearly the giant brain with the eye tentacle was the Magnificence? Nope! That's merely the great Omni! Yes, all of a sudden, when we suddenly think the show knows what the hell is going on, it changes its mind and decides to make the Magnificence something else, and have it have it's own Magnificence in need of creation. Things that'll never happen: The Monkees will reunite again, Michael Moore will stop making up lies to bolster his own opinions, and someone will say the Magnificence is their favorite Power Rangers villain.

Where the hell did the B-Squad's helmets go? The helmetless scene is THE most gratuitous scene in PR history. Leo ripping off his shirt in "An Evil Game"? Cole ripping off his shirt in the two eps he did that? Both overpowered by this scene, meant to stroke the egos of the cast without even a shred of a point in the story.

So, A-Squad gets their own Megazord. It's called a Zord, at least. Despite how ALL giant evil robots have been just robots? This gets to be a Zord. Yes, the show's inability to have a plan and to put thought into ANYTHING bites them on the ass again, as they decide to call the robot a Zord, when they should have been called that all a-DAMN-long.

Broodwing's master plan is to take over the Delta Command Megazord and destroy the city. He basically does what the guy in "Recognition" did, and proceeds to waste the firepower doing what generic monsters have done BETTER before him. Whose idea was this crap again? Broody wants revenge on Gruumm, so he tries to destroy Newtech? Does ANYONE who claims to like this show ask themselves these questions, questions the SHOW is asking itself as those guiding it swerve it into oncoming traffic repeatedly?!

Hey, remember when Gruumm destroyed Sirius? And Doggie cut off his horn? And Isinia vanished? Of course you do. It's the only time Gruumm has done anything that we've seen, and it took place BEFORE the series. Oh, hey! Isinia is alive! And she's got a dred-fro, from having been held on Gruumm's ship for the past DECADE! She's got to be the most useless character ever. We've only ever seen here doing three things: watching two guys fight for her honor, her stand around like a lump while her planet was destroyed, and her get pushed around by an Orangehead. And she was once part of SPD, it's implied. So why can't she fight? Why can't SPD scanners find her lifeforce on Gruumm's ship if she's been there that long? And why the hell does Gruumm hold a grudge over losing part of an ANTLER? He ain't an ORG!

Hey, Mystic Force promo... for next week's promo. Blah. An ad for an ad.

Broodwing destroyed Brokeback Mountain... or was that Cold Mountain? Go tell it on the mountain! Destroying buildings that can be empty is a no-no, but kill hundreds of animals and such and no telling how many hillbillies is okay?

Bridge sounded like he said the base was "underGRAM"! Haw haw! I make fun of his phlegm-ish throat.

A-Squad loses simple because the Rangers witch to the SWAT Megazord and shot at them a whole one time. Not even using a special finishing attack, a mere boom-boom. And they get carded without being judged.

Despite how Delta Command locks down when it transforms, the Rangers run right into it and fight Krybots inside of it. Way to establish rules for keeping the base secure when in Megazord form, then ignore all of them to do a stupid fight.

Jack goes to face Broodwing, one of the show's main villains, and he DE-SWATs. That has to be the stupidest thing on top of stupid things this show keeps doing. He de-Swats, they shoot new stuff, and he doesn't even USE THE BATTLIZER. Sure, he couldn't prior since RIC was tapped on the base too, to give us a cute scene with him saving Boom and Kat. But now there's no excuse, especially against Broody and MOST ESPECIALLY since this is mostly new stuff!

What is Broodwing guilty of? Why do the Rangers keep leaving the containment cards lying there? All it'd take is a Krybot to scoop them up and some crafty villain to free them with some HAXZ0R tech.

Ya know how Piggy has been set up as a double-agent, and is now fully working for Gruumm? This is gonna lead to something big and cool, right? No, he just leads them into a junkyard, and Krybots ambush them. Not that Krybots couldn't just rush them when they demorphed after carding Broody, no, had to have Piggy lead them into a trap. A trap he TOOK THE LEAD in setting up. Oh, but he seems remorseful, so clearly that'll set up something a whole 2 seconds long and useless in the next episode. Maybe Piggy will rescue our heroes and use the DekaBright powers! I can be mindless and pathetically optimistic like any given SPD apologist too! Whee!

No promo for the finale aired here on my 4DTV Ku-Band broadcast, nor on DISH Network. Yet it aired for Crayfish on his cable. I feel in the dark, I do. Same thing happened last week.

Okay, so, end credit info:
Beth Allen _AS_ Ally
Gina Varela _AS_ Charlie
Brett Stewart _AS_ Voice of Omega Ranger
Derek Judge _AS_ Voice of Bluehead
James Gaylyn _AS_ Voice of Orangehead
Tandi Wright _AS_ Voice of Isinia (so, who's in her suit, then? Koichi?)
Geoffrey Doland _AS_ Voice of Omni
Greg Cooper _AS_ Voice of A-Squad Yellow Ranger
Nick Kemplin _AS_ Voice of A-Squad Green Ranger
Nick Kemplin _AS_ Voice of A-Squad Blue Ranger (double-casting! Must mean a stunt guy was the alien blue and wasn't paid to speak)
Claire Dougan _AS_ Voice of A-Squad Pink Ranger
Robert McNault _AS_ Voice of Crabhead
Edwin Wright _AS_ Voice of Monster #1
Michaela Rooney _AS_ Voice of Monster #2
Jim McLarty _AS_ Broodwing

But, yay! One more week until we're FREE! FREE! FREE FROM S.P.D.!
Endings, Part 1
The Japanese Half of the Finale

A-Squad. They went evil. They were the highest-ups. They were the best. They're carded after a 15-minute fight with still no explanation on how they went evil. Way to go.

Isinia is hiding away on Gruumm's ship...to which I promptly reply with "Say what?" Gruumm has much less reason to be angry than Cruger - so he's not as horny, what's the big deal? Cruger lost his WIFE, and he still has barely no reaction upon seeing her.

Piggy somehow returns and sells out B-Squad with no real reasoning to what he's doing. Broodwing copies Arubera word-for-word and the three aliens he hired are carded with nary a backstory as to why he chose them. Tinkersam gets owned as per usual.

Kat and Boom (making a much-needed reappearance) do SOMETHING, but they're not the ones to save the day. And Beevor (A-Squad Blue) gets no lines spoken. That dissapoints me.

It did have SOME good things - A-Squad got an original cockpit and piloted the final robo used in Deka, and B-Squad got an awesome Full Blast Action-like morph, but that was about it. Even with all these battles it barely did anything for the plot.

Oh, and the N. MaGnificence finally speaks, but he's not really the Magnificence. That's something Gruumm is building. Uh...what? It somehow felt rushed, and it basically took Forever Dekaranger and removed anything of value to it.

The next part of the finale will be the all-American one. It better be good, because it has a LOT to make up for. I want to see CLOSURE, and even the Battle Thong again. Deliver, Bruce. Make it good. I want to be pleased with at least one thing as SPD draws to a close.

One final note - where was Mora?
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