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Default Amit Bhaumik fast facts

Here is some extra facts about Amit Bhaumik and his involvement with the show not listed in his bio.

1. Amit wrote a tribute to Ray Calderon and Manny Perez that never made it to air. There is a cut scene to "Forever Red" that shows too young kids named Ray and Manny.... Arguing about their favorite Ranger. This scene was later leaked online.

2. Amit originally intended for Katherine Sutherland to appear in "Forever Red" as Kat. But Jonathon Tzachor felt that the kids would be confused due to Kim and Tommy being the more classic couple. Sutherland did have a role as voicing one of the Machine Empire Generals.

3. Amit gave some explanations to why certian powers in "Forever Red" we're restored. Jason got his powers back from the evil Red Ranger ( from the non canon Power Rangers Ninja Comics). TJ got his powers back the same way Justin got his back in "True Blue to the Rescue".

4. Amit claimed on the newsgroup that he considered Alpha 5 to have died on Eltar and that Dimitria was dead as well.

5. Amit supposedly added to the series bible that Kim and Skull had become a couple. Implying that Skull was the man Kim spoke to Tommy about when she wrote the Dear John Letter. This probably isn't canon anymore. Especially if Spike is in fact Skull's son.

6. Tommy's line in "Forever Red" about Surpenterra being a ugly Zord is the same line used in "Scorpion Rain". Tommy is Amit's favorite Ranger.
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