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Old 01/11/11, 10:40 AM   #1
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Default What got you into Power Rangers?

I remember turning into the show when it debuted and thinking how it was similar to voltron. I watched casuallly for awhile and noticed the new green ranger. I soon became hooked on the show and watched every epsiode. I loved the concept of superheros especially with teens who lived a double life. I also loved the zords and the music

When PRIS came I began to like pr for the excellent stories it told. I loved the new dramatic conventions pr added from space to NS. I think PR grown pretty good for a kids show. I love the way the show has seriousness to it now and more realistic characters and situations.
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Old 01/11/11, 10:44 AM   #2
Power Ranger
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Do I have to explain mine again? :lol

Oh well, here I go again after at least 50 times...:lol

I started watching MMPR when it first started, well the first one I saw was the 2nd or 3rd episode so I was only a few episodes late. Anyways, how did I noticed it? I was flicking through the channels and came to YTV and noticed this show and I went to the tv listing to see what was shown on YTV, it was Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and then I went on from there watching PR.
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Old 01/11/11, 10:45 AM   #3
Shadow Ranger
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I got into Power Rangers since I was little since or when Mighty Morphin Power Rangers came out the first time. Until now I still like Power Rangers. None of my friends doesn't know that I like Power Rangers.
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Old 01/11/11, 10:46 AM   #4
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I was watching a Transformers movie & then my VCR broke & when I turned the VCR off there it was & I've been hooked ever since.
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Old 01/11/11, 10:47 AM   #5
Crystal Ranger
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I know the very moment. I was watching ET. They then showed clips of it and talked about it. I remember waiting the whole week to see it. Ever since I've been a fan. In fact no EVER found out I liked it, only one of my best friends, but people and times change. Lets jsut say after that, NO ONE ever found out again. However I've found that the older I'm getting the easier it is to hide it, most of the time.
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Old 01/11/11, 10:48 AM   #6
Shadow Ranger
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I was like 6 i think and i was outside playing with the neighbor boys and their dad hollared out the window to them "power rangers is on" and im sitting there thinking what in the world is power rangers. Ive been watching it ever since LOL
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Old 01/11/11, 10:49 AM   #7
Shadow Ranger
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Hmmm...that's a tough one. I guess I could say that...it was the characters & the theme song that got me going.

Call me crazy but...when I was little, & they introduced the next season...I got stoked.

Now that I'm 16...call me crazy but...I still watch it.

Of course...it still doesn't compare my liking of the 1st season, MMPR (aka: Zyuuranger in Japan).

I knew that it originated from Japan when I read the credits of the NS season.
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Old 01/11/11, 10:50 AM   #8
Shadow Ranger
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I've only watched it a few times, but I had a wierd dream(I think it was a dream, actually) where instead of seeing the Green Ranger, I saw a dark blue armored ranger which I referred to as the "Cool Blue Ranger" quite literally. Ever since then, I was hooked. It did help that I watched Super Human Samurai Squad before.
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Old 01/11/11, 10:50 AM   #9
Shadow Ranger
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Heh...I remember having a few flashbacks at times when I'm asleep on certain episodes. But...nowadays...(considering I'm also a pretty good writer)...the ideas I have for my fanfics...it sometimes seems to play in my head.

(Regarding the last line in Deviot's quote)

I also remember watching that back then as a kid. Which was a pretty good series. (I just happen to have a tape on one).

Oh...and it's actually called Super Human Samurai Cyber Squad. (You left out the "cyber" part).
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Old 01/11/11, 10:51 AM   #10
psychic ranger
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My brother and I had two different superhero team shows himNinja turtles and me power rangers but also of the morphing sequence and the fighting scenes still like them going through every season to see which of them I like
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