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Default Positives for Megaforce and Super Megaforce

Guys,of late we guys including me have been thrashing,bashing power rangers megaforce as much as we can. And even to the extent of cutting this season from the whole franchise as fan season. But its time for us to look in to some positives although there are few. In this thread, no one is going to make negative comment on this series. All positive. Power rangers megaforce needs this very badly guys. Let me start with myself.

- Prince Vekar, i loved this villain guys even more than vrak, because this guy is literally crazy at getting the rangers knocked out and having the world in his control and his humor sense is definitely great. Hey damaras, how dare you be taller than me. He was comical guys
- Jake. The strongest performer in this series. Kudos to Azim Rizk, he did a great job portraying a goofball in the series as well lovestruck guy over gia. But what i liked more about jake is that he is apart from other comical rangers we have seen over the years. Take ziggy, chip, bridge, ethan, dustin they were all great comical characters, of course they also portrayed serious ones at times but the way jake portrays the serious as well as goofball role is just amazing. I felt he showed more potential portraying a serious role than a comical one. And add to that his stunts in Perfect storm is cool.
- Cameos, i loved the rangers coming back. We had 12 ranger cameo in legendary battle and 2 cameos in between the season. First of all in samurai surprise, i did not know jayden was coming for it. I saw first mentor ji and i felt hey ! that's mentor ji of power rangers samurai and when i hoped he would again show up to tell about the samurai rangers i got another shock. The Megaforce rangers were hanging out ernie trying to figure out how to beat the opponent, a guy comes and sits and tells them to follow their instincts. He turns his face and boom ! i screamed, hey that's jayden shiba red samurai ranger. See guys i was not a huge fan of samurai nor of jayden but when i saw a legendary rangers i was really happy. I also loved casey rhodes episode. After a long time i got to see this guy. It was 6 years since we saw casey. He is still looking great.
- Ending episodes Power rangers megaforce season 1 and 2 were pronounced as bad season even before it could end. But it did end with a bang guys. About 4 episodes made us feel like we are seeing power rangers again. The tension,action,performance came alive but my best moment came in vrak is back part 2. Somewhere, somehow i liked gia,emma,jake,noah's performance,but troy never impressed me, instead he irritated me. Sorry andrew gray but you were absurd. But in vrak is back part 2 unmorphed. He literally showed he could get fans to like him. He displayed a outstanding performance. During that moment i started cheering for troy which i never did whole the season. I loved how troy kept hanging on to robo knight despite getting banged on by him. Great performance and a great episode.

They are my positives, what are yours.Remember no negative here guys.
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Default Re: Positives for Megaforce.and Super Megaforce

Even i dislike much of they used the Goseiger/Gokaiger footage, and I always prefer just a Goseiger adaptation and do later the Gokaiger adaptation, something i liked it was the ideia they used the Villans from Goseiger they mix all of them in Megaforce leading to the Armada Invasion, but i liked much of the ideia the Warstar by the small force and later join forces with the Mutants and Vrak by the One with created the Robots, and love what they do with Robogog/Messeger, make one bad *** villan in Goseiger by a Primary monster from a Great Armada, enjoyed the Emperor debuts
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Nebula Ranger
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Default Re: Positives for Megaforce.and Super Megaforce

Tzachor getting fired was hands down the best moment this season had to offer.

Seriously the best moments this show has to offer are things that would be only slightly amusing in any other season from any other era. Past Ranger cameo? Even Operation overdrive did that better. Large Crossover battle? See Forever Red. The "mighty and morphin Tommy Oliver"? Any single episode of Dino Thunder did a better job of his presence than his entire appearance here.

It's my opinion that anyone who was fully or even mostly content with this season has seriously low standards when it comes to Power Rangers. That's just my opinion. People may disagree and say I have too much expectations when it comes to a children's tv show but if Disney could do a better job when they just didn't care at all then you seriously have a problem in the production department.

On a side note I have to admit when they actually bothered to film original footage for certain scenes in HD, it was kinda cool (save for the pre-zyus) but still nothing grand since that would be the norm in any season that's not a Tzachor season.
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Super Megaforce Red
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Default Re: Positives for Megaforce.and Super Megaforce

I loved Prince Vekar and how they tied what was once a previously unrelated sentai villain into The Armada, Emperor Marvo was awesome for what little we had him, having an inverse of the sentai where the core five are Earthlings and it's the 6th Ranger whose an alien, that Dairanger is now part of the canon and finally fulfilled a dream the PR team has wanted to do since Lost Galaxy, it felt like some work went into paying tribute to past seasons, the rangers while not the MOST developed did grow on me and felt competent, that alot Gokai Green's slapstick mannerisms were cut even if a little slipped through and instead of being weak took on the personality of Gosei Black, Vrak as always outshines everyone by being a cunning villian and manipulating all the factions until his time came to show The Armada that he should rule, loved the reappearance of past suits, loved the extended Legend War, enjoyed the return of Jayden, Mentor Ji, Casey, Tommy, Karone, Emily, Mike, Wes, Leo, TJ, Cassy, Carter, and Dana plus the quick shot of Astramona to show how things have come full circle.

That's really all I've got. This season was not the best and CERTAINLY could've been better as my edits will show but for what we got, sentai rangers and all I'm pretty satisfied and I think this season gets bashed on more than it deserves. Just needed more explanations and less hand-waving.
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Mr. CD
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Default Re: Positives for Megaforce.and Super Megaforce

It answer one of the show's biggest unanswer quesion: What happen to the Zeo Crystal? Answer: Gosei took it.

And, for good or for ill, these two seasons made fans stretch out those creative muscles. Look at the amount of fan edits, fix fics, and even people creating their OWN Megaforce and Super Megaforce fanfiction series that these two seasons spawn.
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Default Re: Positives for Megaforce.and Super Megaforce

I disagree with you regarding the Zeo Crystal, Miss CD.

That wasn't Orion stating THEY had the Zeo Crystal itself it was just him saying they were using the POWERS of the Zeo Crystal.
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The Ghost Ranger
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Default Re: Positives for Megaforce.and Super Megaforce

The designs and colors of the suits I felt were pleasing to the eye, as were the designs of the zords and megazords. The card summon idea was cool, and wish they would have gone into more depth with that. Also, I felt the actresses who played Gia and Emma were beautiful.
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Default Re: Positives for Megaforce and Super Megaforce

Positives for Megaforce (and Super Megaforce) for me would include the following:

Robo Knight (when he was good)
Gosei Grand Megazord
Day of the Dumpster lines in Episode 1
Zordon being Gosei's Mentor
New Ernie
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Old 03/02/15, 08:32 AM   #9
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Default Re: Positives for Megaforce and Super Megaforce

-Water Bottle Gating
-Prince Vekar's comedy genius
-Jason Smith's appearance and episodes penned by him
-"A Simple Explanation"..still a genuine funny line
-The Roboknight Before Christmas
-Vrack is Back two-parter
-The Extended Edition of the Legendary Battle
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Old 03/02/15, 11:12 AM   #10
Gosei Gold
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Default Re: Positives for Megaforce and Super Megaforce

I love both seasons. Megaforce was like a new take on MMPR. It was nice to have Rangers in high school again. Gia is probably one of the best female Rangers we have had in a long time.

Super Megaforce carried this on and gave us some cool cameos from past Rangers. Not to mention the legendary modes. "Legendary Battle" was cool. Especially the extended addition.
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