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Mondo Machina
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Default My version of Zeo Season 2

A Different Zeo Part 1

Tommy has a nightmare about many monsters getting on the lose. He meets with Sam and Dsvid Truehart. David has had the same dream. Sam tells them that the arrowhead is the key to other monsters then the one they found last year. If they don't put the arrowhead in the sacred Rocm by a certain point all the monsters will be free . Tommy and David must go on a long quest to find this rock. But this means Tommy has to step down. Lord Zedd and Rita take control of the Machine Empire and plan an attack on Earth.Tommy tells the Rangers the news. They say they will miss Tommy but they understand why he needs to go. Tommy goes to tells Zordon with the others. But before a replacement can be decided the alarm goes off in the power chamber. Rita and Zedd's new machine monster is attacking Angel Grove. Zordon detects that Rita and Zedd now control the machine empire. The Rangers morph into action. The Rangers defeat the monster. Goldar surprises the team with Cogs and teleports everyone except Tommy away.

A Different Zeo Part 2

The scanners in the power chamber are no where to be found. Zordon orders Alpha to teleport Trey to the Command Center. They brief him on the situation. Zedd and Rita try the Rangers up in the dark demension.They plan to lure Tommy into a trap. They send Goldar and Rito to attack the city. Zedd makes sure the power chamber can sense the Rsngers in the dark demeension. Trey goes to battle all Rito and Goldar while Tomy goes to the Dark Demension to rescue the Rangers. Zedd is waiting for him and wants a rematch. During the duel the Rangers accidentally are flung around the dark demension. Tommy goes chasing after them but Zedd chesses him. After many obstecles Tommy is able to avoid Zedd long enough to rescue his friends. Trey has destroyed Goldar. Tommy and Co arrive to heelp him defeat Ritp. Rits makes her brother grow. The Rangers use the Zeo Zords to battle Rito. Zedd returns to the palace snd revives Goldar.as a giant. The battle is tough.. Thee Rangers call in the Super Zeo Zords. In the end Rito and Go!dar are destroyed for good but the megazords are lost. Zordon assures Tommy that he already has new zords that wil soon be ready. Tommy reveals that Jason is his chojcee to replace him. Jason is teleported to the Power Chamber..Trey uses the Golden Staff to transfer the Red Zeo Powers to Jason. Zordon makes him the new leader of the team. The Rangers have a going away party for Tommy at the youth center. Kimberly writes Tommy. a note apologizeing for breaking up with him the way she did and wants Tommy to know she is his friend. Tommy and Kat share a dance. Kat decides to go with Tommy and David. She gives Emily her Zeo Powers ( Trey will complete the transfer later) Emily is not too shocked thatner friends are Power Rangsrs since it makes things make sense in hindsight.

Turbo Time

Jason mentors a young freshman named Justin. He nas been in foster care since his mother died and his father hasn't been around. Cestria arrives from Aquitar with a gift from Billy. it turns out Billy's special project was the Turbo Zords. Zedd and Rita hire a new monster maker named Porto to make them new machine monsters. The Rangers. battle Porto's monster and put their Turbp Zords to good use. They learn to form the Turbo Mevazord and win the battle.

Emily's Bad Day

Emily feels like she isn't good enough to be a Ranger and asks Jason to teach her a more advanced form of Karate which she struggles to learn.When the new monster of the day traps the others Rangers its up to to Emily to save the dsy. She is able to use the moves she learned from Jason to get the upperhand on the monster and save the team. The Rangers defeat the monstsr. Emily realizes she does have what it takes to be Ranger.
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Zeo Forever
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Default Re: My version of Zeo Season 2

That sounds promising, I would love to hear more.
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White Spandex Rules
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Default Re: My version of Zeo Season 2

Writing Tommy off wouldn't have been a good idea.
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Old 07/14/20, 09:01 AM   #4
Frankly Jason
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Default Re: My version of Zeo Season 2

But having Jason become Red Ranger would have been awesome.
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Lady Katastrophe
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Default Re: My version of Zeo Season 2

I would have been cool if Kat joined Rita and Zedd . Lady Katastrophe could replace Goldar.
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Goldar's Revenge
Power Ranger
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Default Re: My version of Zeo Season 2

Would have been way too expensive to produce. But its fun to speculate.
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Old 07/14/20, 07:53 PM   #7
Mondo Machina
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Default Re: My version of Zeo Season 2

Where is Rocky?

When Jason, Adam,and Rocky are training for a martial arts tournament,Rocky breaks his back. Which not only takes him out of the tournament but away from his Ranger duties. A Pirate Queen named Divatox chases Lerigot to Earth. She wants him to open Dark Spector 's tomb so she can marry him and be Queen of evil. The Rangers visit Rocky in the Hospital . Zordon calls them to breif them on Divatox. The Rangers morphed just has Justin walks in the room. The rangers can't stop Lerigot from being captured. Zordon sends them on a mission. with the Turbo zords to stop her. Trey is left on Eearth in case Rita and Zedd attack. Zordon recruits a new Blue Ranger. After the Rangers defeat Divatox's soldiers, the new Blue Ranger arrives and reveals he is Justjn. The Rangers follow Divatox to Maranthua. They interrupt her awaking zSpector and free Lerigot. They use the Turbo Megazord to defeat her monster. The Rangers return home... Not knowing part of Spector is free. Justin takes Rocky's place in the tournmant and helps the guys win.
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Old 07/16/20, 08:23 AM   #8
Turbo Black
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Default Re: My version of Zeo Season 2

Seems to me that it was easier for them to just do Turbo.
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Old 07/19/20, 07:21 AM   #9
Cole Lion
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Default Re: My version of Zeo Season 2

Zeo Season 2 instead of Turbo would have been a neat idea.
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Old 07/19/20, 09:43 AM   #10
Power Ranger
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Default Re: My version of Zeo Season 2

Or maybe have the Rangers remain the Zeo Rangers for the first half of the 5th season and then do the cast switch where the Turbo team is introduced.
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