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Default Ongeki Rider Hibiki

This is going to be a semi-original story, mainly because it's based on Hibiki and follows characters from the first show. Hope everyone enjoys it.

Ongeki Rider Hibiki
Sonic Strike Rider Hibiki

The story
Two years after the end of the original series, a life changing battle broke out. Many, many, oni were lost in this battle, many that lived decided it was time to give up being oni. The greatest oni ever gave his life to save his friends and the rest of the world, yet it was not enough. Five years later, seven years after the end of Hibiki's and Asumu's battles, a new threat was about to make itself known. Stronger than any the world had ever know before.


Kagayaki - The Shine Oni

Former Name: Koyomi Kaito
For an Oni, he has an odd appearance, his head has no horns, only a single crescent mark on the center of his face. His chest is protected by the usual chest armor that oni wear, his chest armor, much like Todoroki's armor, is a single strap like piece of metal running from his left shoulder down to his waist. His skin color as an Oni is a dark, dirty shade of yellow. As a human, he looks like your average teenager, short black hair, normal clothes, nothing that could tell you who he really is. He uses a flute as his weapon and changes by using a dark blue version of Ibuki's Henshin Onibue.

Fubuki - The Snowstorm Oni
Former name: Kyosuke Kiriya
Since the grand battle of five years ago, Kiriya has grown into a fierce oni. He has shed his former name and has taken the mantle of Fubuki, the snowstorm oni, a name that fits his white appearance. His human appearance has also changed since he first started training, he now has short blond hair, he is most often seen wearing a white shirt with a blue jean jacket and pants. He wears the jacket to cover the long scar on his back that he received during Hibiki's death. To henshin, he uses his taiko sticks and bangs them against any object around him, his body is engulfed in white flames and he is then changed.

Todoroki - The Roaring Oni

No longer a novice oni, he is now the senior oni protecting the Kanto area of Japan. Unlike his former self, he has become a much more confident protector, he now believes in his skills and ability to help people, thanks to the lessons taught to him by Zanki and Hibiki. As a human, he looks more or less the same as when we last met our heroes, the only difference is that his hair is much longer now, reaching to his shoulders. Since the grand battle five years ago, he and Hinaka Tachibana have married and now have one son.

Iori Izumi
A man once known as Ibuki, Majestic Breath Oni, he has since given up the mantle of oni. After the death of Hibiki, he became scared of fighting and eventually came to the realization that death was a fate that one had to deal with as an oni, one that he was too scared of to deal with. He is now dating Kasumi Tachibana and remains close friends with Todoroki.

Kasumi Tachibana
After her father's retirement as leader of the Kanto sector of Takeshi, she and Midori Takizawa have now taken over as the Kanto leaders. Kasumi worries about Izumi's nightmares that have been plaguing him ever since the death of Hibiki, these often cause rifts between the couple.

Hinaka Tachibana
After her sister became a head of Takeshi, she has now taken over the restaurant area of Takeshi. She also tends to the hurt oni after battles, more than anyone else, she worries about the safety of the three oni. She hides the fear that she has of one day learning that Todoroki or one of the others won't come home.

Midori Takizawa
Along with Kasumi, she now leads the Kanto area oni of Takeshi. After Hibiki's death, she became lost in her emotions and could no longer work for the oni for a time, one day she was touched by a dream of her former lover and slowly grew back into the happy, outgoing person that she once was.

Hitomi Mochida
She now works full time at Takeshi restaurant, she has learned of Todoroki's true form and of the other oni riders. She was once with Asumu but after the death of Hibiki, the two began to grow apart.

Amami Akira
After giving up her dreams of being an oni, she joined Asumu in the field of medicine. After the death of Hibiki, which troubled Asumu greatly, she and him became close eventually became more than just friends, much to the chagrin of Fubuki, who had once loved Akira but felt too afraid to tell her.

Asumu Adachi
Asumu has changed the most of our main cast since we last saw them, both physically and mentally. He is no longer the meek and meager looking boy we knew, he now looks like he could take a Makamou in fight by himself. He has grown somewhat colder after the death of Hibiki, Akira and Kagayaki are the only two he can really open up to anymore. Akira because she is his lover and Kagayaki because he seems a young Hibiki in him. He still hangs around Takeshi restaurant, but not nearly as much as he used to. He often treats the sick and injured oni.

Shuji Tachibana
The two year old son of Todoroki and Hinaka.

The Makamou

The Makamou are now much more structured than five years ago, with more of a hierarchy than ever before, their attacks had become increasingly sparse over the last five years. Recently though, they have come back in full force, lead by Chou-Doujin and Dai-Hime.

The current leader of the Makamou, he is the reincarnation of the original Makamou leader. He is a rather short man, usually seen wearing 19th century European clothing. He is an arrogant leader and feels that his version of the Makamou will never be defeated and that soon the world will finally belong to them.

Chou-Doujin's lover, a tall woman dressed in a pink kimono with a white flowery design. She is much more cautious than her lover and much more sinister.

The summer Makamou leader, he controls the human sized Makamou and is the first general of the new Makamou order. He was once an oni in training but gave into his lust for more power. Unlike his leaders, he has two forms, in his human form, he looks like a normal teenager. Usually seen wearing a dark shirt and blue pants, he has long black hair that he ties into a ponytail. As a Makamou, he has a hard white armor covering most of his body, his face is the only dark part of his body, it looks almost as if he was wearing a brown mask. He uses long hair as needles and spears that he can attack the oni with.

She has one form, that of a human female. She has a slender and curvy body, long brown hair and seductive looks that she uses to lure men to her as a feast for her Makamou. As the mother of the winter Makamou, she is not truely powerful until November begins, but she still chims into battle every now and then.

Kwai-Douji and Yo-Hime
These are the standard children of Senji, as it is summer, early June, Senji is the only one that can create children right now. They look much like the Dohji and Hime from years ago, the only difference is that like their "father", their face looks much like a mask.

Weapons and Attacks
Drum Sticks: Koori
Belt Buckle: Kaentsudumi
Attacks: Shiroi! Koori no Kata!, Ichigeki Dotou, Death Fire

Ongekishin (Guitar Buckle): Raigou
Ongekigen (Guitar Lance): Retsurai & Ongekibou
Attacks: Ongeki Zan! Raiden Gekishin, Zanki! Raiden Zanshin

Flute: Ryu
Belt Buckle: Hikari Ryu
Attacks: Hikari no Ken, Driving Light, Onsaken, Ongekisha! Senpuu Issen

Senji Summer arc
1. Dying a Glorious Death, Hibiki: Prelude to the Future
2. The New Oni, Kagayaki
3. A Leader, Todoroki
4. Facing the Terror, Fubuki
5. The Power of a Thousand, Gouki
6. Healing the Sick, Eiki
7. Shaken By Death, Kagayaki
8. Ascention of a Leader, Shin Todoroki
9. Bitter Emotions, Fubuki
10. Memories of the Past, Hibiki
11. The Darkness of Light, Yami Kagayaki
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Episode 1: Dying a Glorious Death, Hibiki: Prelude to the Future

A massive battle was taking place, all of Japan's oni and Makamou were in this small mountainous area, fighting each other. A battle the likes of which this world has never seen was taking place, a battle that most of Japan, most of the world, had no clue was going on.

"Hibiki-san! Watch out!" Yelled Ibuki as he ran towards Hibiki, who was being attacked by various Makamou. Hibiki was in the middle of his Kurenai transformation, and was, for the moment, paralyzed.

Ibuki jumped in front of Hibiki from a cliff near by. He began firing at the Makamou trying to jump the frozen Hibiki. One after another, they came, Hibiki's body was emitting a very hot crimson gas as parts of his body slowly changed from dark purple to crimson.

"Hurry up, Hibiki-san." Ibuki said, with a tone of urgency in his voice as he continued fending off the attacking Makamou.

"Ha!" Yelled a voice, Ibuki turned to look where it was coming from and saw a figure jump before him.

Todoroki had landed in front of the two, slicing two Makamou with his Ongekigen on his way down.

"Sorry I took so long! I had to help Kiriya!" Todoroki said apologetically as he ran towards an advancing Makamou, with his mighty lightning fist, he punched straight through its stomach, making the beast stop dead in its track for a moment, then wriggle around for a second, right before it blew up.

"Thanks for the help, Todoroki-san." Ibuki said as he fired off a few rounds at a Makamou that was dropping down above Todoroki, making the beast explode in mid air. "We're even now!" Ibuki said slyly.

"Haaaa....AH!" Hibiki yelled as the red flames that had been engulfing his body slowly died down. "Hibiki...Kurenai." He spoke his title and then pulled his Rekka from their holsters. "Sorry about that, the armed saber isn't working right now and we do need all the power we can get." Hibiki said.

"Don't worry about, Hibiki-san." Ibuki said as he jumped down to the base of the area they were in. Todoroki and Hibiki marveled at Ibuki jumping what was easly a thirty foot cliff.

"Guess I'll join him." Hibiki said as he ran towards the cliff, stopping for a moment. "Oh, Todo, make sure Kiriya doesn't get hurt." Hibiki said as he waved at Todoroki and jumped down to the base to join Ibuki and two other oni in fighting the Makamou.

"Ehh...sure." Todoroki said after Hibiki had left, he sulked for a moment about not getting to join his partners in battle and then made his way back to the top to help Kiriya out.

When Todoroki reached summit, he saw a nearly defeated Kiriya trying his best to fend off the Makamou.

"Kiriya-san!" Todoroki yelled as he dashed towards the white oni.

"Todoroki!" Kiriya yelled, it was all he could do to call for help.

"Yah!" Todoroki yelled as he sliced through the Makamou that had grabbed Kiriya.

Kiriya fell to the ground, almost completely out of energy. His will to fight was strong, but had been badly beaten by the Makamou. Todoroki then helped Kiriya to his feet and handed him his fallen Koori, Kiriya's drum sticks.

"Here, I think these are your's." Todoroki said as he held out the white drum sticks, the teal demon heads shined brightly in the sun as Kiriya took his weapon back.

"Thanks..." Kiriya said, upset about the fact that after being an oni for three years, he still couldn't defeat Makamou on his own and Todoroki was able to make quick work of the ones that he was unable to even keep up with.

"Don't worry about it." Todoroki said, he noticed that Kiriya was sulking and thought back to when Zanki first let him fight on his own. "You'll get it, it took me a while too, but you'll be stronger one day, just don't worry about it." Todoroki said brightly.

"Todoroki-san..." Kiriya said in a low voice as he took his Koori. "...I'll do my best! I'll make sure that I become stronger, one day, I'll be the strongest oni ever!" Kiriya said brightly.

Todoroki chuckled for a moment, but was then interrupted by the gigantic echoing footsteps of an approaching giant.

Both oni then came to their guard and searched around, with their back to each other, for any signs of the Makamou. Surely a giant couldn't be that hard to see, and it wasn't.

"Todoroki-san!" Kiriya yelled as he pointed towards an approaching Tsuchigumo, a gigantic spider.

It slowly came towards the two, dripping what seemed to be spit from its mouth. It's dark red body completely blocked out the sun as it finally arrived in front of the two oni.

"Kiriya!" Todoroki yelled as he ran towards the monster.

"Right!" Kiriya yelled, as if almost affirming an unspoken order.

The two oni ran towards the monster with their weapons poised for an attack.

Kiriya ran up ahead of Todoroki and yelled as he attacked on the beast's eight legs. His Koori demon head shone for a moment as he attacked, Kiriya then stopped in his tracks, turned around and attacked once more.

The leg of the beast was now frozen by Kiriya's attack, it struggled to move, almost falling as it tried to break the ice by spitting, but the spit was unable to reach its leg as the leg was at the end of its body.

"Great job!" Todoroki yelled as he ran at the frozen leg and stabbed his Ongekigen into its leg. "Raiden Gekishin!" Todoroki yelled as he began strumming the cords of his guitar. The guitar emitted the ear splitting noise as Todoroki continued to strum his guitar in a forceful manner.

Finally, Todoroki paused as if to finish the attack, but then gave one more strum. The monster then yelled in pain as the leg cracked, causing the monster to trip and fall on its stomach.

"Kiriya! Now! Do it!" Todoroki yelled.

"Uh...right!" Kiriya said nervously as he grabbed his Kaentsudumi from his belt and gave a quick glance at it. The white and blue design on it seemed as if it called out to Kiriya to use it. "Okay, here I go!" Kiriya yelled as he jumped on the back of the beast.

He placed the belt buckle on the beast's back, it then grew to an enormous size, nearly covering all of the monster's back. "Okay..." Kiriya said slowly as he poised his drum sticks in the air.

"Shiroi! Koori no Kata!" Kiriya yelled as he began to beat on the monster's back. It yelled in pain as Kiriya continued to beat in rhythm to one of many beats that Hibiki taught him. The monster continued yelling as Kiriya continued beating its back, soon Kiriya became tired the monster took advantage of this by trying to shack him off its back.

"Kiriya!" Todoroki yelled as the beast almost succeeded in removing Kiriya from its back.

Todoroki grabbed his Ongekigen and stabbed it into the side of the monster's stomach. He took a deep breath and then yelled his attack. "Zanki! Raiden Gekishin!" He yelled as he began playing on his guitar.

Kiriya paused after hearing Todoroki name an attack after his former master. Sending himself into a day dream.

"Kiriya! Keep going!" Todoroki yelled, snapping Kiriya out of his day dream.

Kiriya then came back to his sense and began beating on the monster once more. The sound of the two instruments created an ironic harmonious beat to the monster's demise.

Both warriors then stopped their attacks at the exact same time. The monster was now gasping for air, after a few moments, it stopped as its body inflated and it blew up.

Once the smoke had cleared, Todoroki and Kiriya were standing side by side, trying to catch their breath.

"Good job, Kiriya..." Todoroki said, almost gasping for air.

"Thanks..." Said Kiriya, feeling undeserving of the praise.

"Shakunetsu Shinku no Kata!" Yelled Hibiki's voice, echoing from the base of the mountain.

"Come on, Kiriya! We've got to go help!" Todoroki said as he grabbed his guitar and ran back into battle.

The two jumped from cliff to cliff and were soon at the final cliff, the thirty foot drop.

"Kiriya, think you can do this?" Todoroki asked, getting himself ready to jump.

"I...I...yeah, I can do it." Kiriya said, still unsure whether he could make the jump or not. He took one look over the cliff and took in a deep breath.

"Alright, here we go!" Todoroki said as he took a few steps back from the edge and jumped.

Kiriya then took one last look over the edge, took a very deep breath in and then ran towards the cliff.

"Ahh!" Kiriya yelled as he dropped to the base in mid air.

He landed on his feet, it was a hard landing, but Kiriya sighed, just happy that he hadn't killed himself in the jump.
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"Kiriya, no time to waste!" Todoroki yelled as he ran towards the battle.

Kiriya then followed after, holding his Koori at the ready as they both reached the battle.

Makamou of all sizes and the oni were in the middle of a large battle, Kiriya noticed that some of the oni had already been slain by the Makamou.

A lone Makamou noticed Kiriya was off guard and rushed at him. It grabbed Kiriya by the neck and kicked his Koori away from his hand. Kiriya gasped for air as the Makamou continued to chock him.

He flailed his arms to get the attention of the other riders, but they were all busy with the other Makamou.

Kiriya's vision slowly began to fade and everything he saw began to slow down, he felt as if he was at death's door right now, there was nothing he could do to save himself or grab his weapons, he would die without even being able to defend himself.

He resigned himself to this fate just moments before he heard Hibiki call his name.

"Kiriya! I'm coming!" Hibiki yelled as he finished off a pair of Makamou he was in battle with.

Kiriya's heart filled with hope that he was going to survive this battle, but it was then taken from him as Hibiki was ambushed by five Makamou.

Kiriya closed his eyes, wishing he would just die, no longer wanting to feel the pain the Makamou was inflicting upon him. He closed his eyes and just waited for the end as his body could no longer move.

"Kiriya! Hold on!" Yelled a voice.

The Makamou holding Kiriya looked around for the source of the voice, as did Kiriya for a moment before feeling the grip on his neck become less and less tight until his neck was finally free.

He gasped and took in a large breath of air as he turned to see what had saved him.

Before him was Eiki attacking the Makamou, Kiriya took in another breath and saw that Eiki was struggling.

He searched the ground for his Koori and upon seeing them, jumped for them and ran at the Makamou. He let out a fierce yell as he struck the back of the beast his weapon and continued drumming away on its back.

"Thanks!" Eiki said quickly as he punched the beast and then, along with Kiriya, called his attack's name and finished off the threat.

"Heh, looks like you ended up having to save me." Eiki with a chuckle.

"Kiriya!" A voice called out once more.

Kiriya looked up and saw the figure out a woman standing at the summit of the mountain.

"I've got it! The saber works now, give it to Hibiki!" She yelled as she threw the Armed Saber straight down, being unable to jump down there without breaking any bones, this was the best option she had.

This caught Kiriya by surprise and he scrambled to catch the falling saber. He had to dive for it as it landed on the floor. He picked it up and glanced at the crimson saber for a moment before rushing to give it to Hibiki.

"Thanks for the help!" Kiriya yelled to Eiki as they both went their separate ways in battle.

Kiriya found Hibiki, being attacked by the Makamou that had sidetracked him from saving Kiriya.

"Hibiki!" Kiriya called out as he waved the Armed Saber. "It works now, Hibiki! Use it!" Kiriya yelled, he then noticed how much this looked like the battle from two years ago.

Hibiki saw the saber and ran towards it as it flew in midair.

"Ha! Got it! Good job, Kiriya!" Hibiki yelled.

He then took a long hard look at the battle and got into his new fighting stance.

"Hibiki...Soukou." He called as his body was engulfed in bright red flames, burning up any Makamou that tried to attack him.

Unlike the Kurenai transformation, the transformation to Armed Hibiki took no time at all.

Hibki once more looked at the battle and saw the countless Makamou and the numbered oni fighting. He knew that if this kept going on, soon enough, the oni would be gone and the Makamou would have won. It was something he knew couldn't happen, not if this was to be a world of peace.

"Now...I hope this works...it has to work." Hibiki said as he took a deep breath.

He took a tight grip on the saber and drove it straight into the ground, he yelled as hard as he could. Slowly, a red ball of energy formed in front of the saber, it then began to rapidly increase in size. The bright light grabbed the attention of all the oni and Makamou, save for one.

Kiriya looked on and in this moment of distraction, a Makamou came at him and slashed him in the back, causing him to fall to the ground.

Kiriya continued looking to Hibiki as the massive ball of energy grew even larger, larger than anything he had ever seen before. Almost as if he were gazing into a sun, Kiriya then heard Todoroki attack the Makamou and passed out. This would be the last time he saw Hibiki alive.

"Goodbye my friends, take care of this world. Kiriya, Asumu...goodbye." Hibiki silently whispered as the ball of energy finally reached its peak sized and exploded.
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