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Shadow Ranger
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Default Our biggest fears about the Viz redub (and alleviating them)

What are your biggest fears regarding the Viz redub of the 90's anime? And how can we alleviate them?

One of mine is simply some of the voices of forthcoming character not sounding right, as we've seen thus far with a few character like Shingo sounding too old, Rei sounding too deep, Luna not sounding young/cute enough, Nephrite sounding too good, etc. etc.

But a bigger fear of mine is how they'll pronounce some of the upcoming characters' names. Specifically, Ail and An, Prince Demand, Kaolinite, all of the Witches 5 (minus Mimete, since her name's easy), all of the Amazoness Quartet, and Sailor Aluminum Seiren. Each of these characters have names that are pronounced very specifically in the Japanese version, and a LOT of English versions have either spoken/spelled all or most of them wrong, or changed them outright.
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