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Default Digimon Next: Chapter 12 Chat

Wow, I love the Next manga.??This chapter was action-packed!

So, the team's riding Trailmon to Light City, where Tsurugi and Agumon were first transported to when they lost to the Hacker Tamer and Peckmon.??They're attacked by Mummymon and an army of Commandments riding a tricked-out Trailmon prepared for war.??Tsurugi and GeoGreymon climb to the roof to attack, and take out the Trailmon's treads, halting the montrosity in its tracks.??Just when they think they're out of the woods, a complete squadron invades the air, including CannonBeemon, Waspmon, Missimon and Bombmon, who attack the track ahead.??They can't possibly fight everyone off, but Yuu has an idea, and Tsurugi and GeoGreymon climb back up to fill it out.??Trailmon is dedicated to getting his passengers where they're headed, so he converts to Battle Mode and gets ready to tango with what's next.

I thought Tsurugi and GeoGreymon looked great.??They weren't afraid of anything, knowing they had to protect everyone, those two rock.??Having an entire chapter take place on Trailmon was comfortable, since they ride him so much anyway.??Train battles in pretty much any media are exciting.??The next chapter should be even better, with one of the three Commandment Leaders, Zanbamon, having been sent to collect the Digi-Memory pieces belonging to the kids.??Could Trailmon have the Machine/Mutant Digi-Memory???Will GeoGreymon finaly make the jump to Ultimate in order to fight this new evil???We'll soon find out.
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