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Default Re: Remember Lahana Forums?

I don't know the whole story other than Emma stopped associating herself with it due to the constant bad behavior. The original owner never did anything to update this so when he/she sent the domain over to PRangerX he wasn't aware that Emma didn't want to be part of the board anymore.

Originally Posted by The Revolution View Post
The only reason the board died was because PRX was an idiot and refused to keep us open.
Not quite the reason the board died is presumably because he saw no reason to keep it open since Emma had wanted it closed down and he likely felt it'd be the best since people who came to the board would still be expecting her to come even though she said she wanted nothing to do with it.
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Default Re: Whatever happened to Lahana Forums?

Plus it wasn't right to keep the board open as Lahana Forums when Emma clearly said she wanted it closed or the name changed.
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