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Default Re: Why did they ruin the series

Originally Posted by Millie View Post
Couldn they just shoot their own footage? The effects didn't look too expensive.
Yes they could have but it's not just the effects that would be the problem. They would need to make new suits, build miniature sets for the Giant battles and a whole bunch more.

Originally Posted by Captain Codfish View Post
Actually its very expensive.

But ironically they did shoot a lot more original footage in season 2 and 3. It was just still easier to go with the Thunderzords over the Dinos. Shooting zord scenes is tough. Especially back then when CGI wasn't a thing.
I wouldn't say the special effects itself are that expensive it's more producing your own content that's expensive since you need the required suits and props, you need a written script so both sides know how to react when there is supposed to be dialogue, you need time to choreograph all "fights" so there aren't any accidents. You don't want to end up like Thuy or Lightspeed's Alison who both got hurt doing something. Not to mention producing Giant battles is practically next-to-impossible since it takes a whole lot of time due to how hot those zord suits can get.

Originally Posted by Hailey Hartford View Post
Katherine had her slip-ups as "good." I honestly believe she was more herself when she was evil. The true reason why the spell lasted so long was due to her jealousy of Kimberly and her crush on Tommy. I also noticed when Tommy was alone with Katherine even while Kimberly was still there he would flirt with Katherine which angered me. It showed he still had an evil streak inside. I honestly think Jason is better for Kimberly anyway.

Here is an interesting view on the whole Jason and Tommy thing. They represent the "YING VS. YANG" style which I honestly think took me awhile to see. Its why they originally butted heads in a few episodes. Both had leadership qualities. Jason was the squeaky clean Army type who led by example and always did the right thing.

Tommy on the other hand lived for the moment and made decisions without looking at the consequences. Its why he would slip up now and then and make rash decisions. Its what made him easy prey for Rita. Its also why it was never meant to last his relationship with Kimberly. I get that now.
I don't believe the Kat stuff that you're posting about however I do believe her crush on Tommy and therefore her jealousy definitely influenced the spell on her the only reason it lasted so long is because whenever she broke out of her spell she was usually by Rita who just put a new spell on her. I do however agree that Kimberly and Tommy were not meant for one another. I don't know who Kimberly is truly meant for but it's definitely not Tommy since she's the one who dumped him.

Originally Posted by PRangerX View Post
I think Kat's jealousy and Tommy crush did infulence her behavior. But it wasn't.really her fault because the spell took away her ability to control herself. If she wasn under an evil spell her conscious would have stopped her from acting on her negative feelings.

Thas a good way of describing Jason and Tommy. It makes a lot of sense.
exactly. Her evil spell allowed her to act on her negative feelings and keep in mind jealousy or not her jealousy made her decide to steal the Pink Coin first but if it wasn't for Bulk and Skull's interruption she also would've stolen the Yellow Coin and she had no reason to be jealous of Aisha since Aisha has never shown any romantic interest towards any of her teammates.

Originally Posted by Hailey Hartford View Post
She proved it she still carried her crush on Tommy even after she broke the spell which also proves her jealous of Kimberly was still there. In one episode of Zeo, she nearly told Tanya about her crush but stopped herself for some reason. I believe this was only because Tommy was upset and not due to any other reason.
I don't recall her ever being close to telling anyone not even Tanya about her crush. I recall Tommy worrying about asking Kat out on a date yet the guys were like "get real" pretty much implying they suspected she had a crush on Tommy
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