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Orange Ranger
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Default Jungle Fury Question

What happened to the five fingers of poison and the overlords from Power Rangers Jungle Fury? Did they die or what? Did I miss the episodes that explained it? What happened?
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They we're destoryed one by one in each episode, for the most part. Similar to how most villain teams are dispensed with in PR.
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psychic ranger
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Rangers defeated the f fingers and some of the overlords.
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Default Re: Jungle Fury Question

Basically all of the 5 Fingers of Poison and the Overlords were destroyed.

Rantipede was destroyed in his premiere episode 4 "A Taste of Poison." The Megazord's top-spin move destroyed him.
Gakko was destroyed in Episode 5 "Can't Win Them All."
Toady destroyed by Claw Cannon. Was not destroyed by Megazord since he didn't grow after his destruction. Episode 6 - "Dance the Night Away."
Stingerella destroyed by the Megazord's aerial feet-spinning move. "Dance the Night Away."
I know Naja was destroyed by Camille at one point but I don't recall if he had a Giant battle.

Carnisoar and Grizzaka were destroyed by the Rangers while the Phantom Beast Generals took care of Jellica.
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