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Default Digimon Savers: Episode 36 Chat

Well, Ikuto and Falcomon are alive, which seems weird since they came from the opposite side of the ocean. Stupid cliffhanger resolution. But the rest of the episode was great!

While Ikuto recovers, he talks about Kurata reviving Belphemon, one of the seven Demon Lords. Foreshadowing for future villainy, perhaps?

Meanwhile, Touma and Gaomon prepare for Relena's Digimon DNA surgery to reverse her illness, and the doctors have Gaomon wear a cap. Yes, a fur-lined Digimon must wear a cap to keep his head fur from falling anywhere, because his body fur can be trusted to stay in place...

Yay! Touma and Gaomon aren't really evil! They save Relena from the bomb, break Yushima and Kamemon out of lock-up, and change Touma's dad's mind before they bust out to help everyone fight off Belphemon.

The fight against Belphemon Sleep Mode was sweet. Why? Megumi and Miki! They have skintight outfits, they ride motorcycles, and they can Digivolve their Digimon to Ultimate level! RookChessmon is cool, but I much prefer BishopChessmon. He has a cape, a staff and a laser! Awesomeness.

And what raw power does Belphemon possess? In his Sleep Mode, all he had to do was yawn to flatten the city! I'm really worried now that Kurata's beamed himself in to Belphemon's consciousness. Kurata's insanity and Belphemon's strength combined doesn't sound good to me at all. But apparently Masaru's got a plan, since he took Agumon's Digi-Egg to ground zero. Has Masaru lost his mind? Or will ShineGreymon finally rise again, and achieve the true power of Burst Mode? I can't wait to find out the answer!
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