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Ranger Green
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Default Favorite Super Sentai Series

what are your favorite sentai series and why?

here's mine-

Dekaranger- just start watch this show and it's really good!
Magiranger- better than Mystic Force IMO because in Magi, they was siblings while in MF- they are not! just empolyees at Rock Porium
Go-Onger- very funny! but, it has some serious moments there and i just found out that the actor who does Go-On Gold was in Kamen Rider Kabuto!
Shinkenger- saw some of them on youtube before DTKingdom was suspended from there
Goseiger- amazing series ever! GoseiKnight looks bad@$$
Gokaiger- currently watching and it's very awesome! my favorite is Luka/GokaiYellow
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Default RE: Favorite Super Sentai Series

Goseiger: The entire series was fun for me. I like the characters, the way that the villians rotated through out the show going from Warstar through Mantorintis and ending up with --------- as the Ending villain.

Go-Onger: Made me laugh and kept me entertained the entire time, and it helped that Miu and Saki were cute too.

I'll edit in more as I remember.
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Default RE: Favorite Super Sentai Series


Right Favorite Sentai series.

Gekiranger One hell of a dark series ( ifound a dark series anyway) with some great laughs when they wanted.
Shinkenger Awsome Samurai rock, Super Sentai Rocks, Super Sentai combined with Samurai quals OMG
Jetman Quite interesting
Gokaiger Okay Captain Jack is captain Marvelous, oh and they have all the powers of the other rangers COOL.
Zuuranger Dinosaurs plus rangers is amazing
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