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Default Power Rangers Star Force

So after getting around to watching Bioman, Changeman, and Flashman I think I came up with how I would Americanize them though I think I would have to change some of my fan names around.

Power Rangers Star Force (Bioman)

"Once there was a beautiful and peaceful planet called Zynda (Planet Bio) until it was conquered and destroyed by the galactic tyrant Lord Nexus (Dr. Man).

Before Lord Nexus destroyed Zynda however the inhabitants created special power suits, weapons, and vehicles including the powerful giant robot the Star Force Megazord (Bio Robo) to protect the universe from Lord Nexus even if they couldn't save themselves.

They also took five infants, and created a robot called Zeta Prime (Peebo) who would watch over them, and one day train them to become the defenders of the galaxy known as Power Rangers Star Force and sent them away in Zynda's last battleship the Star Defender (Bio Dragon).

However Lord Nexus pursued them in his space fortress Castle Starwraith (New Cloud), and in the ensuing battle the space pods containing the five infants landed in different parts of America, and both the Star Defender and Castle Starwraith where trapped in the Antarctic.

The five infants where adopted by Earth families and raised as normal humans. One was named Vincent and became a karate instructor, One was named Walter and became a private detective, another was named David and became an aspiring Olympic runner, one was named Audrey and became a writer and finally there was an aerobics instructor named Amy.

But one day global warming and nuclear weapons testing freed Castle Starwraith from the ice and Lord Nexus and his minions tried to conquer Earth with giant mechanical juggernauts called Titan Borgs (Canths, and Megases).

Luckily the Star Defender was also freed and Zeta Prime sought out the now grown survivors of Zynda and gave them the magnificent powers they had inherited from their former homeworld in order to stop Lord Nexus and save the universe from evil".

Power Rangers Mythic Fury (Changeman)

"The Star Force have successfully destroyed Lord Nexus but he is revived (Giluke) by his own master the cosmic abomination Darklor (Bazoo), and along with his old ally Lady Nebulous (Queen Ahames), and space pirate Captain Voidbeard (Adjustant Booba) he once again pursues the conquest and/or destruction of Earth.

The Star Force Rangers try to stop them but are unable to stop Darklor's alien gladiators (Space Beast Warriors) recruited from the most powerful and vicious creatures in the universe luckily however Zeta Prime is able to tap into the power of the Earth itself including the powers of ancient creatures believed to be myths upgrading their powers into the new Mythic Fury powers to stop Darklor and his gladiators".

Power Rangers Giga Strike (Flashman)

"The Mythic Fury Rangers have destroyed Lord Nexus and Darklor but a piece of Darklor has survived and mutated into a new Darklor (Ra Deus) who along with the evil alien scientist Dr. Splicer (Lee Keflen) uses the DNA of his gladiators and Earth creatures to create new Bio Gladiators (Beast Warriors) to continue their mad plans for Earth.

What's worse is that this time even the Mythic Fury Rangers powers may not be enough to stop them but a newly upgraded Zeta Prime (Mag) has found five legendary Giga crystals that are all that remains of Zynda and uses them for one last power up turning our heroes into the Giga Strike Rangers."

I might come back with character summaries and more stuff but I think that's it for now.

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Default Re: Power Rangers Star Force

I would love to read more of this fan story.
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