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Default Re: Megazord Cockpits

Mastodon Dinozord = Mastodon head.
Pterodactyl Dinozord = I'm thinking it'd be the head.
Triceratops Dinozord = head.
Saber-Toothed Tiger Dinozord = head.
Tyrannosaurus Dinozord = head but the front part of it meaning the part of it that goes into its chest.
Dragonzord = head but I believe in the upper area of the mouth.
Dino Megazord = Inside the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord but in the back of its head the part of the head that remains to become the Megazord's head.
Dragonzord Battle Mode = in the head which was the bottom of the Dragonzord's mouth.

Red Dragon Thunderzord = Seen as being the same cockpit as the Thunder Megazord's.
Thunder Megazord = Inside Red Dragon Thunderzord but on the chest of the Megazord.
Tigerzord/WM = he stands on top of the Tigerzord's head and then he enters downwards but enters the cockpit from his left but our right which would indicate the cockpit is in the head

Falcon Ninjazord =
Frog Ninjazord =
Crane Ninjazord =
Wolf Ninjazord =
Bear Ninjazord =
Ape Ninjazord =
Ninja Megazord/Megafalconzord = Inside the head which is the Crane Ninjazord.
White Shogunzord =
Black Shogunzord =
Blue Shogunzord =
Yellow Shogunzord =
Red Shogunzord =
Shogun Megazord/Megafalconzord = whatever makes up the helmet.

Zeozord 1 = Inside the piece that becomes a Battle Helmet.
Zeozord 2 = Directly below her Battle Helmet piece.
Zeozord 3 = Above the face.
Zeozord 4 =
Zeozord 5 = In the head.
Zeo Megazord = Definitely in the head which is part of Zeozord 5.
Pink Super Zeozord = Enters the visor so the cockpit must be in the head.
Yellow Super Zeozord = Enters the head's visor so her cockpit must be in the head.
Blue Super Zeozord = Enters somewhere in the head so the cockpit must be in the head.
Green Super Zeozord = Enters the head above the visor so that appears to be where his cockpit is at.
Red Super Zeozord = Enters apparently above his head's visor so the cockpit must be in the head.
Super Zeo Megazord = In the head which is in Tanya's Super Zeozord.
Red Battlezord = In the head.
Pyramidas Battle Mode = Trey enters Pyramidas in Pyramid Mode through the hole at the front however he teleports down into the cockpit from above so all we can assume is that it's somewhere below the hole at the moment.

Desert Thunder = in the back since I believe the clear window represents the front window of the vehicle.
Wind Chaser = See Desert Thunder.
Mountain Blaster = See Wind Chaser.
Dune Star = See Wind Chaser.
Red Lightning = See Dune Star.
Turbo Megazord = At first it would've been seen as being in Justin's Mountain Blaster Turbozord but General Havoc's Chromites breaking into the cockpit contradicted this so now I do not know.
Robo Racer/Robo Racer Battle Mode = I believe this would have been like a typical police car meaning his cockpit would have been underneath the sirens which means his cockpit while in Battle Mode probably would've been in the upper chest area.
Car Mode/Thunder Loader Rescuezord High Stance Mode = in the front since I believe the clear window represents the front window meaning where the windshield wipers would be on a normal car.
Car Mode/Wind Rescue Rescuezord High Stance Mode = in the front since the clear glass represents the windshield window
Car Mode/Siren Blaster Rescuezord High Stance Mode = in the middle since the clear glass represents the windshield window
Car Mode/Star Racer Rescuezord High Stance Mode = see Siren Blaster.
Car Mode/Lightning Fire Tamer Rescuezord High Stance Mode = in the front since the clear glass represents the windshield window
Rescue Megazord = Inside the Megazord chest piece which is Lightning Fire Tamer.
Artillatron = Phantom's cockpit within Artillatron is within the dome thing that remains on top of the "1" compartment in Artillatron's Vehicle Mode.

Astro Megazord = Inside the head which comes from the Mega Shuttle.
Delta Megazord =
Mega Vehicle 1 = possibly the head
Mega Vehicle 2 = it's the shuttle and my guess is the front of it like an actual plane
Mega Vehicle 3 =
Mega Vehicle 4 =
Mega Vehicle 5 =
Mega Voyager = Inside the head which comes from Carlos' Mega V2 zord.
Shuttle Mode/Mega Winger Battle Mode =

Condor Galactazord =
Wildcat Galactazord =
Gorillla Galactazord =
Wolf Galactazord =
Lion Galactazord = my guess is the head since that's where Leo stands atop of for combo attacks when it's in its GalactaBeast form
Galaxy Megazord = Solo cockpits.

Pyro Rescue 1 =
Hydro Rescue 2 =
Aero Rescue 3 =
HazRescue 4 =
Med Rescue 5 =
Lightspeed Megazord = Solo cockpits
Max Solarzord = in the Battle Mode's head
Supertrain Megazord = my guess is in Aero Rescue 3. I would think the area that makes up the chest of the Megazord and yup I'm pretty certain it is the chest area
Omegazord 1 (Red) = in the front where the front black 'window' is at
Omegazord 2 (Blue) = my guess is where the black window is at.
Omegazord 3 (Green) = my guess is where the black window
Omegazord 4 (Yellow) = see Omegazords 1, 2 and 3
Omegazord 5 (Pink) = see Omega 1-4
Omega Megazord = United cockpit which is Omegazord 1 due to one of the battles it looks like it's in the area that makes up the Megazord's chest
Liforce Megazord = United cockpit, dunno where it'd be at but my guess is the same area where Pyro Rescue 1 would be at in the default Megazord but the part that makes up the chest. Diabolico and Olympius' powered-up forms fired at it but their beams went downloads a bit which would indicate that the Megazord cockpit is not located in the head or arms.

Time Flyer 1 =
Time Flyer 2 =
Time Flyer 3 =
Time Flyer 4 =
Time Flyer 5 =
Time Force Megazord = My guess is the head or chest for Mode Blue. This is due in part because of Blue Mode's battle against a headless Tentaclaw since there was a view from the Rangers' perspective which would seem to indicate that the cockpit is higher up and therefore cannot be in the zords that make up the legs (the girls) or because the boys become legs for Red Mode that would also rule them out which means Red's Time Flyer 1 is the zord that holds the Megazord cockpit

Wild Force Megazord = Inside the zord that makes up the chest which was always the Lionzord.
Kongazord = Inside the zord that makes up the chest which was always the Green Gorillazord.
Predazord = Inside the Alligator.
Isis Megazord = Inside the zord that makes up the chest which was the Red Falconzord.

Lion Ninjazord = head
Hawk Ninjazord = head
Dolphin Ninjazord = head
Crimson Insectizord = it's in whatever becomes the Thunder Megazord since this zord is where the Megazord head is at. I believe Hunter went in through the top of the body
Navy Beetlezord = I believe Blake went in through the top of the body but closer to the pincers
Samurai Star Chopper/Megazord = in the front when it's in Chopper Mode
Hurricane Megazord = Inside the Ninja Firebird piece that makes up the Megazord's helmet.

NOTE: Samurai Star Megazord releases green Power Sphere 15, Storm Megazord releases red Power Sphere 16 and Thunder releases blue Power Sphere 17.

15 releases the golden part, 16 appears to release what looks like a head and 17 appears to release what look like arms.

The golden part becomes the Ninja Firebird tail, the head part becomes the head and middle part of the body and the arms become the arms and wings.

The tail and body parts are combined together to become the new helmet whereas the arms/wings piece becomes the new hands so I don't know whether the cockpit comes from Power Sphere 15 or 16 but I would guess that it comes from 15.

Thundersaurus Megazord = Inside the Tyrannozord.
Dino Stegazord = not sure since they've went in through both zords.
Mezodon Megazord = Inside the Chariot.

Delta Runner 1 (Red's) = he goes into it on the top compartment closest to the windshield.
Delta Runner 2 (Blue's) = goes into it on top compartment closest to windshield
Delta Runner 3 (Green's) = see Delta Runners 1 and 2
Delta Runner 4 (Yellow's) = you can't see hers as clearly due to how small her zord is but wee can presume it's the same as the other 4
Delta Runner 5 (Pink's) = same as others but in her case it's around where her missile needles are at.
Delta Command Megazord = during Omegamax Megazord's Giant battle with Shorty there's a transition effect that leads us through the Delta Command Megazord's visor which leads me to believe that its cockpit is in the head
Omegamax Megazord = presumably one of the later episodes transitions us to the Omegamax piece on the Deltax Megazord which possibly indicates that it's where the Omegamax cockpit is at
S.W.A.T. Flyer 1 (Red) =
S.W.A.T. Flyer 2 (Blue) =
S.W.A.T. Flyer 3 (Green) =
S.W.A.T. Flyer 4 (Yellow) =
S.W.A.T. Flyer 5 (Pink) =
NOTE: Flyer entrance ways are shown but I can't describe it so I'll need to take pictures of them.

Solar Streak/Solar Streak Megazord = my best guess is the lead car when it's in Train Mode the part that becomes the chest attachment for Megazord Mode since the last 4 train cars become arm and leg attachments which would indicate that the cockpit wouldn't be right-side up or it could be in the front part of the first 'train car' that doesn't make any changes for the configuration but my initial guess is the lead train however my initial guess proves to be wrong due to the first battle against Megahorn since that battle indicates that the cockpit is in the Megazord head which comes from the front part of the 2nd train car that doesn't change other than popping out its Megazord head

Drivemax Megazord =
DualDrive Megazord = solo cockpits.
Flashpoint Megazord = Has to be in his Fire Truckzord but where exactly on his zord is the question.
Drivemax Ultrazord = Red jumps into the zord via the head in 1 ep so it's likely the head but whether it's the Megazord head or the Sonic Streaker helmet is hard to tell BUT because it's an identical cockpit and because Mack has to enter into it while the others were already there my belief is that it's the Drivemax Megazord head.
Battlefleet Megazord = head

Jungle Pride Megazord = Appears to be inside of the Tiger Spirit because they were still in it despite being in the Stampede Formation.
Jungle Master Megazord =
Rhino Warrior Mode =

High Octane Megazord = individual cockpits.
Valvemax Megazord = individual cockpits.
Mach Megazord = Solo cockpits.
Zenith Megazord = Inside the Croc Carrier piece that makes up the Megazord's helmet.
SkyRev Megazord = whatever becomes the new 'visor' attachment if you will it either comes from Gold or Silver's zords
Paleomax Megazord =
RPM Ultrazord =

Bear Foldingzord =
Turtle Foldingzord =
Dragon Foldingzord =
Ape Foldingzord =
Lion Foldingzord =
Beetlezord = Jayden jumps on the pincer attachment that connects to the body's orange disc and then goes down into it which leads me to believe that the cockpit is somewhere in the pincer attachment part
Swordfishzord =
Tigerzord =
Octozord = Gold goes into the zord through the front but above the "silver gem" and heads downwards so the cockpit is somewhere around there
Clawzord = goes into the top of it above the eyes but before the "swords" attachment and Gold heads downwards

Samurai Megazord = likely in the head which would be in the Lion Foldingzord
Clawzord/Clawzord Battle Mode = Antonio goes in through what would be the head in Clawzord Lobster Mode it's above the "eyes" but in front of the "pincers"
Bull Megazord = possibly the head or chest when you look at it in Megazord Mode

Gosei Snake Mechazord = Jake enters into it through the top of the head
Gosei Phoenix Mechazord = looks like Emma goes into the top of the head
Gosei Snake Mechazord = Noah enters into it through the top of the head
Gosei Tiger Mechazord = Gia enters into it through the top of the head
Gosei Dragon Mechazord = Red goes into the top of the head
Gosei Great Megazord (combo of the 5 primary zords) = my assumption is that it's in the chest area that the Dragonzord head connects to since I don't believe it's in the Megazord head due to the fact that it rotates out for a lot of the different mode configurations
Gosei Grand Megazord = no cockpit due to it being Robo Knight.
Gosei Great Grand Megazord (combo of primary and Robo Knight's) = default Megazord cockpit
Gosei Ultimate Megazord =
Gosei Jet Megazord =

Legendary Megazord = Inside the Skyship. According to our view from looking at the Megazord, it would be in the Megazord's Head being whatever on the Skyship that makes up the head.
Q-Rex Megazord = Inside the Megazord head.

Dino Charge Megazord =
Ptera Charge Megazord =
Plesio Charge Megazord =
Titanozord/Titano Charge Megazord =

Ninja Steel Megazord = my guess is that the cockpit is in the Nitrozord since Robo Redzord and Dragonzord are capable of detaching.
Bullrider Megazord =
Lion Firezord = Brody jumps onto the top of the left red podium which is below the gold laser and he goes downwards however it's also possible it's in the head due to how quick he comes out when it goes to Lion Fire Megazord
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