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Default Super Sentai Series Juken Sentai Gekiranger

Oh man my first full Super Sentai Series. This series was amazing from start to finish it was a series that combined so many elements Okay wait I should do a synopsis shouldn’t I? Right so here you go

Right the Series follows the gekirangers, a group of rangers versed in the Martial arts style of Geki Juken, a style of martial arts that draws strength from ones self to defend others from evil. And attend the Geki Jūken Beast Arts which is there school and also a centre f a sports gear production company. There they are trained by Master Shau fu, who helps train them in there war against the dark styled martial art called Rin Juken, an evil style that calls on its user to use there power to enslave and harm the innocent in the pursuit of greater power. This group is lead by Rio and his weirdly an attractive Mere.

Each ranger and villain power draws from there style which is based on an animal for instance Jyan Kandou Draws upon the style of the Tiger. The villain Rio has the lion.

Anyway. The series itself can be a purely funnily to unbelievable dark or a mixture of both. The villains come in a range of funny or terrifying. One character called Long, comes across as yaoi fan girls fantasy aka unbelievable ...... attractive I suppose you could say as well as funny and mysterious but then suddenly becomes terrifying.

Anyway this series is one hell of a pick up and i would advice it to anyone looking for a good action pact series of Sentai that takes itself seriously but will gladly have fun with itself once in a while.

5 out of 5 [attachment=7]

So what is everyone’s thoughts on the series do you like it hate it or are you undecided, come on lets chat.
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