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Default Re: Dimensions in Danger Episode Discussion

I'm just going to link up with my post on another board and quote myself:

I enjoyed the anniversary episode. But judging by some clips on YouTube, there is an extended version of it as Tommy does not become DT Black in the 23-min version as opposed to clips from YT.

Nice choice of the Veteran Rangers. So anything from MMPR to Jungle Fury, including Megaforce and Ninja Steel is in one universe (let's just call it the MM universe) and RPM and DC are their own universes. So that's officially confirmed. Not only that, but looks like we've got the "New Powers" Rangers in the MM universe. We have to live with that, don't we?

It was nice seeing Trent, Antonio, Rocky, Kat, Wes, Gia, Gemma and T.J. again. Too bad they didn't do the individual morphing calls from their seasons. It'd make the episode more complete.
That's about it.
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