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Default Re: Alpha Suit Actors

Basically here's the full recap

Romy J. Sharf (Alpha 5) (MMPR1. MMPR2 eps 201-226, 231, 232) Mutiny, Wannabe Ranger, Putty on the Brain, Bloom of Doom, Power Stealer, Beetle Invasion, Venus Island, Green Dream, Guitardo, Green No More, Orchestral Maneuvers in the Park, Missing Green, Beauty and the Beast, White Light, Two for one, Opposites Attract, Zedd's Monster Mash, Ninja Encounter, Zedd Waves, A Monster of Global Proportions and The Power Transfer)

Sandi Sellner (Alpha 5) (MMPR2 eps 227-230, 233-259. MMPR3 301-318. Last MMPR3 ep is "A Ranger Catastrophe") Scavenger Hunt, Rocky Just Wants to have fun, Rangers Back In Time, Goldar's Vice-Versa, Mirror of Regret.
Lights Camera Action. When is a Ranger not a Ranger? A Reel Fish Story, where there's smoke there's fire, Forever Friends, Bookala, The Wedding, Return of the Green Ranger, Storybook Rangers, Blue Ranger Gone Bad, Best Man for the Job and Wild West Rangers.

Donene Kistler (Alpha 5) [MMPR3 320-323, 325-343] (First ep is Changing of the Zords Part 2, she was still throughout Zeo. Turbo Movie. Turbo TV 431, 432, 441 those 3 eps were Shift Into Turbo.
She became Alpha 6 for all of Turbo and Space.) (Galaxy 802, 803, 805, 809, 811, 923.) (Galaxy eps are Quasar Quest Part 2, Race to the Rescue, Homesick, Silent Sleep and Until Sunset)

Heide Karp (Alpha 6) Galaxy [814, 815, 912, 913] (Eps are Shark Attack, Redemption Day, Loyax' Last Battle and A Red Romance)

Michelle Tillman (Alpha 6) Galaxy [914, 915, 917, 918, 924, 927, 929] (Eps are Chameliac, To the 10th Power, Protect the Quasar Saber, Facing the Past, Dream Battle, Escape the Lost Galaxy and Journey's End Part 2. Operation Overdrive's Once a Ranger)
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