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Sadly we have even more of a case of Studiopolis not keeping the original cast for this.

Tai = Joshua Seth came back to do his voice
Matt = Michael Reisz didn't return. Vic Mignoga does his voice.
Sora = Colleen O'Shaughnessey came back.
Izzy = Mona Marshall came back.
Mimi = Philece Sampler came back.
Joe = Michael Lindsay didn't return. Robbie Draymond does his voice.
T.K. = Doug Erholtz didn't return to do the voice even though he did do other voices. Johnny Yong Bosch was the one who did his voice.
Kari = Lara Jill Miller didn't return. Tara Sands does her voice.

Agumon = Tom Fahn came back.
Greymon = Michael Lindsay didn't return
MetalGreymon = Joseph Pilato didn't return
WarGreymon = Lex Lang didn't return
NOTE: Kyle Hebert did Agumon's higher forms.

Gabumon = Kirk Thornton came back.
Biyomon = Tifanie Christun didn't return instead Cherami Leigh did the voice.
Birdramon/Garudamon = Melodee Spevack came back
Tentomon = Jeff Nimoy came back.

Palmon = Anna Garduno came back.
Togemon = Mari Devon came back.
Lillymon = Dorothy Elias-Fahn came back.

Gomamon/Ikkakumon = R. Martin Klein came back.
Zudomon = Michael Sorich didn't return instead R. Martin Klein just does the voice.

Patamon = Laura Summer came back.
Angemon = Dave Mallow came back.
Gatomon = Edie Mirman didn't return instead Kate Higgins does her voice
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