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Originally Posted by Captain Codfish View Post
Wow interesting. Feels like we just got done celebrating the 20th. I am looking forward to it. I really loved Super Megaforce.
I'm looking forward to the return of previous Rangers but I was not a fan of anything Megaforce except for some things.

Originally Posted by Ninja Kat View Post
I would guess Ninja Storm Rangers might come back? Season 3 Rangers would also be nice. But I could see how that would be hard for them to pull off.
Ninja Storm would make sense but only the Wind Rangers and Adam (Hunter) would readily be available Jorgito is generally in Canada or the U.S. and Jason (Cam) resides in Singapore.

Season 3 MM Rangers however could be possible since there's JDF, Johnny, David, Karan, Steve and then for Pink they could choose between either Amy or Catherine but because of how certain actors are when it comes to the show being union or non-union the odds of having a full team come back are very slim unless it's Zeo or the Disney teams before SPD.

Originally Posted by Quasar Saber View Post
If I didn't know better I'd say we were getting Hexagon NS a decade or so too late. But that's just extreme wishful thinking.
that wouldn't be happening. No one with the production would even have a clue what Hexagon was.

Originally Posted by Forever Pink View Post
I hope Tori comes back if not the whole Ninja Storm team.
Sally lives in the area and it's rumored that she could be returning which I would be perfectly fine with. It'd be nice to see all 6 Ninja Storm Rangers back but because of the logistics I just don't see it happening however I can see 1, 2 and perhaps maybe even 3 coming back.

Originally Posted by Jen's Revenge View Post
I would love to see Time Force. But I don't see them being a fit. Ninja Storm is a good guess. I wouldn't be surprised to see some Jungle Fury Rangers.
Time Force would be good and who cares if they're a fit or not? Unfortunately the whole crew is union so not all will be willing to come back. Erin said no but we know Jason has no issues with working on a non-union production.

Jungle Fury is a nice idea but the odds of some returning would be slim.
Jason possibly resides in Australia so he could be an option.

Anna I believe resides in New Zealand but she will travel to the U.S. but hasn't done any film (TV or film) roles there as of late.

Aljin appears to live in Australia.
David is from New Zealand but he's presumably busy due to other roles.
Nikolai is from Australia but could be busy doing other roles.
Bede lives in New Zealand.
Holly lives in New Zealand.

Also keep in mind that Jason Smith and Anna may have issues working together since they broke up. Dating a fellow actor is a tough thing to do in the business since it can mess up your own performance.

Originally Posted by Darth Malik View Post
I am having a hard time getting excited. The prospect of seeing old Rangers does sound intriguing . I just hope it is handled better than Super Megaforce. Sorry Codfish, I thought it was awful.
as long as Chip writes the episodes then it'll be fine but if the other 2 writers are credited for the episodes then it'll be an utter disaster.

Originally Posted by Kameron Poe View Post
I just hope they do a better job than Super Megaforce. And I see I am not alone.
so do I that's why I'm hoping Chip takes charge with any episode that features a returning Ranger since we don't need a Producer murdering a previous character like Tzachor did with Scott.
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