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Default April Fools..New Board Rules

PRangerX and I have been talking over facebook and we have decided on a lot of rules.

1. Any post you make needs to include something negative about our President since I personally hate and completely despise him.

2. All posts regarding anything to do with Disney or a Disney season or even one of their actors must include Disney bashing since Disney isn't a nice company.

3. You must come up with your own joke to poke fun at the Oscars flub that had named the incorrect winner before announcing that Moonlight had won but it must include a toku joke in the joke regardless of whether it's Power Rangers, Sentai, VR Troopers, Beetleborgs, Masked Rider, Kamen Rider, Metal Heroes or another toku show.

4. Any time you talk about Ninja Steel you must come up with a list of at least 10 Rangers that you would like to see back and if it's a Ranger who has had multiple powers then you must state what power you would want to see them have as well.

5. In the event of previous Rangers returning for Ninja Steel or Super Ninja Steel you must include a post that explains whether the current series is in continuity with other series (excluding RPM and Dino Charge) or not and if you believe that it isn't then you must include a post that explains how you would explain the presence of the previous Rangers in their world as well as how they got theere..

6. Another requirement is you must come up with a story (can be a mini story or even a full story) that features Mighty Morphin Power Rangers teaming up with Dino Thunder and Dino Charge however you cannot use the Sentai version as a basis for this but you can kind of adapt things. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers would have their Dinozords for a zord battle.

7. Another requirement. You must come up with some kind of story or just fighting pairs for a teamup that would feature the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the Alien Rangers and Ninja Storm. MMPR would be using the Ninjazords whereas either MMPR or the Alien Rangers would be using the Shogunzords.

8. Another requirement would involve a teamup featuring Galaxy, Wild Force, Dino Thunder, Samurai and Dino Charge. You can come up with anything you can give a story, a mini story or just come up with fighting pairs for the ground battle and you could even suggest the zords we would be seeing and who might they be fighting.

9. You must come up with a story that would feature the Beetleborgs, Beetleborgs Metallix, the Astralborgs, Roboborg and Boron teaming up with Ninja Storm.

10. You must come up with a story that would feature the VR Troopers teaming up with Turbo, Space, Lightspeed, Time Force, SPD, Overdrive and RPM.

11. You must come up with a story that features all of the Rangers with car-based or vehicle-based zords teaming up together so that would include ones such as Turbo, Space, Lightspeed, Time Force, Ninja Storm, SPD, Overdrive, RPM, Megaforce and Ninja Steel.

12. You must come up with a story or at least a list that features a specific theme of Rangers teaming up together such as leaders, Red Rangers, Yellow Rangers or even Pink Rangers.
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