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Chapter 9: Dark Heart

Crimzen closed his eyes. Joe and Sanna stood before him, each holding two swords. Bones and Allie stood on either side of him, blasters leveled at him. Time seemed to slow down for the red eyed hero. He opened his eyes as Joe rushed forward and Sanna swung the swords, whip style. Crimzen sidestepped the swordsman, then jumped backwards to avoid the blasts from Bones and Allie, before nimbly avoiding Sanna's strikes. Holding Joe off with his cutlass, Crimzen fired three shots, tagging the other rangers. Kicking Joe away, Crimzen slashed the dirt with his saber, kicking it into Joe's eyes. Joe instinctively blocked his face with his hands, opening him up for a quick slash.

"Still got it." Crimzen rested the blade on his shoulder, spinning the blaster before holstering it.

"You are very good, if a little bit of a unfair fighter." Joe ascertained.

"Just what you'd expect from the last of the Carmine Corsairs." Sanna nursed her shoulder. Even at 20% power, those shots hurt.

Crimzen's smile faded and he stared out the porthole, a faraway look in his eyes. As quickly as it came, it vanished. "Bones, activate the ORACLE."

The ORACLE's usual melodic tone was instead raised in panic. "The Black Red, the Dark Heart approaches! A force of chaos changes everything!"

The pirates looked at each other. As one they all said what was on their minds.


In Space, heading towards Earth.

A ship approached, flying a flag of a skull playing a trumpet.

A man, Polynesian looking with bright scarlet eyes and a streak of red in his hair, stared out the window. A Three corner Hat rested on his head, and a coat of bloody red was on his back, over a white shirt and black pants. "The Treasure must be here. And Jackie as well." the man smiled.

Sailors of the Sea of Stars, Heroes from beyond Mars,
Time to unite! Time to fight! Time for heroes to take flight!
Rangers return! With power to burn!
Time for evil to learn!
Pirates never fall! Rangers save us all!


Power Rangers never lose! This power that we choose!

Corsairs of the sky! Rangers do or die!


In Space

The Zang armada debated what to do about the new ship.

"I say we blow it up." Prince Payne decided.

"Yes, your Majesty." Muramassaca bowed.

"Wait! If our defenses didn't do that already, he isn't on our list of enemies." Midos explained.

"But the ship matches no known allies either" Lykia responded.
Payne sighed. "You know what? Let's see how this play's out." He walked away. "Come on Muramassaca."
"Yes, your Majesty." As the two walked away, Midos stared at the mystery ship

On Earth

Crimzen rubbed his neck. This prophecy was grating him.

Allie patted the Captain's shoulder. "Whatever it is, we can handle it." she comforted.

"Besides, Captain, you're the toughest guy we know!" Sanna cheered Crimzen up as well.

"Oh, it's 'Captain' now, Jackie?" A voice called out. Crimzen whirled around, a look of pure hatred on his face. The man from the ship, the other pirate was there.

"Hello, Philippe." Crimzen took his hands out of his pockets.

"Crimzen, you know him?" Bones asked.

"Allow me to introduce myself." The man bowed, removing his three cornered hat "Philippe Vincenzo Bellamy. At your service."

"What do you want?" Crimzen snarled. The other pirates edged away. Crimzen was streaming hatred like a black miasma.

"Same thing you're here for, Jackie. The Treasure."

The Red in Crimzen's eyes extended, blotting out the white. He drew and fired his blaster, 6 shots all aimed at Philippe's skull, but the other man dodged to the side so casually, it was almost insulting. Crimzen followed up by rushing him with the Power Cutlass. Philippe revealed a sword of his own, a black bladed, silver handled Power Cutlass and a Flintlock Blaster with a similar design; both with his symbol on them.. The two engaged in a dance of Death, firing and slashing, dodging each other's attacks. As Crimzen went for a final stab, a laser blast separated the two! Three massive Cy-Born Arms had appeared.

Joe and Bones pulled their leader away from the current fight.

"This isn't over." Crimzen snarled.

"Nothing ever is, Jackie." Philippe watched them walk off.

The Pirate Megazord easily slashed the Cy-Born, blocking their clumsy attacks and slicing like the CBA were standing still

"Let's use this!" Sanna yelled, pulling out her Mystic Force key.

"Right!" Joe, Bones and Allie acknowledged.

"Yeah." Crimzen monotone, causing the other rangers to stare at him.

"Captain, are you still with us?" Joe asked.

"Huh?" Crimzen snapped out of it. "Yeah!"

The Ranger Keys were turned and the Mystic Pirate Megazord was summoned.

"Mystic Spell Seal!" The dragon executed it's finishing move, exploding one of the CBA.

Next, the rangers formed the Patrol Pirate Megazord.

"Final Judgment!" The Pirates unloaded on the two remaining Cy-Born Arms, blowing them to pieces.

"So, that's what a True Power can do?" Philippe watched the fight. "I owe Midos one."

The four pirates stared at Crimzen, who was still emanating a aura of pure, unfiltered rage.

"Captain, who was that man?" Bones finally asked.

"He's my concern, not yours!" Crimzen snapped.

"Isn't it?" Allie asked. "We're your crew, the Pirate Squadron led by the Red Rogue."

"Eternal Wanderers of the Sea of Stars." Joe rose as well.

"Searching for the Universe's Greatest Treasure." Sanna stood too.

"We've fought with you and bled for you." Bones jumped up.

"So, at the very least, Captain Jack Crimzen, tell us what this man did!" Allie demanded.

Crimzen was startled out of his dour mood. His crew. They knew just what to say.

"It was about 2 years ago..." Crimzen began. "Back then, there were 6 of us. Me, Philippe, Mal, Sali, Akira, and Him. Legend Red."

The Galaxy Galleon landed, and the six warriors ran out. Crimzen was flanked by a huge man with bright blue scales (Mal) and a woman with pink skin and bright yellow eyes (Sali). Philippe was behind an alien of indeterminable gender, with green skin and pointed ears (Akira). Leading the charge was a red Ranger with a flame patterned Visor. They fought the Zang empire's men and grabbed a chest.

"That's who we were. The Carmine Corsairs, collectors of the Ranger Keys, fighting the Zang. It was the happiest I'd been since the loss of Amaranth.

Crimzen sighed. "But Everything changed on that day."

Legend Red set the chest down. "We have just about enough." he announced.

"Now we get the Great treasure!" Akira stretched an arm
"Make those Frelling Zang pay!" Mal punched his hand with his fist.
"For everything." Sali sharpened her knives.

As Crimzen approached the chest, Philippe shot him in the shoulder, knocking him down. The other Corsairs rose, but Midos and a legion of Cy-born appeared.

"You ever hear of the theory of Equivalent Exchange?" Philippe asked. "To gain, you must sacrifice something. I sacrificed you." Philippe smiled wickedly.

As the other three attacked the Cy-Born, Legend Red gave Crimzen an order. "Jackie! Get to the Galaxy Galleon! Go!"

Crimzen ran, explosions chasing him. Cy-born surrounded him. Flames Everywhere. No way out! Then, he was there. Legend Red. He fought off two Cy-Born, then handed Crimzen the box of ranger keys and a red key. "Jackie...No, Crimzen. Take these keys. Guard them well. Find the people your keys react to. They will lead you to the Great Treasure." And then he was gone, rushing back into the fire and explosions. Alec screamed and began to glow red. The red key began to glow, reacting to Crimzen's cries.

Crimzen finished his story. He fist was clenched so hard, blood began to spill. Without a word, Allie hugged the Captain. Sanna did the same, then Bones. Even Joe clasped Crimzen's shoulder.

Midos stood behind Philippe.

"What's your plan?" Midos asked. "What do you want on this planet?"

"Oh, you'll see." Philippe smiled to himself, red eyes extending to cover the white of his corneas. "You'll see."

The main computer of the Galaxy Galleon sounded off.
"Captain, incoming message." Sanna announced

"Answer it!" Crimzen's rage eyes activated again. He knew, without a doubt, who is was.

"Hi, Jackie!" Philippe waved as if he was greeting a dear friend. "Hi, Jackie's crew! Hey are you guys busy tomorrow? I want to talk."

"We'll be there. Wherever you want to meet." Crimzen glared at his former friend.

"Great! See you tomorrow! I'll send the coordinates to the Galleon!" Philippe hung up.

The five Pirate Squadron rangers marched in one line. Each one wore a look of grim determination. They approached Philippe and halted.

"Oh, you brought your crew with you?" the traitorous pirate asked his counterpart.

"They're here because they wanted to be." Crimzen explained. "Now, talk."

"Did you know, there are Extra Rangers?" Philippe asked.

"Extra what?" Sanna gasped. More keys than the ones they gathered?

Philippe held up 5 keys. The Green Mighty Morphing Ranger, The Green Samurai Storm Ranger. the Gold Zeo Ranger, The Quantum Ranger and the SPD Omega Ranger. "An Extra ranger. More keys than the core rangers. And I can use them with this." Philippe revealed a Trumpet . Tossing the keys into the air, Philippe put the trumpet to his lips. The ranger keys landed, and he began to play. The Rangers manifested, soulless husks of Extra Rangers with all of their skills.

"Set Sail!" The rangers yelled as one.

The rangers suddenly stood on the deck of the Galaxy Galleon. They burst forward, before grabbing a rope and launching themselves high into the air on it. They let go at the Apex of his swing and their ranger suits materialized on their bodies. When they landed in a three point stance, the helmets appeared. The emblem on the helmet and chest glowed.

"Pirate Red." Crimzen stated, popping the collar of his suit.

"Pirate Blue." Joe pushed the front of his helmet in a manner reminiscent of the way he fixes his hair.

"Pirate Yellow!" Sanna yelled, then threw a peace sign salute at the monsters

"Pirate Green!" Bones excitedly ran his hands down his pants legs, as if to stop his legs from shaking.

"Pirate Pink!" Allie placed her hand over her heart and gave a slight bow.

"Power Rangers! Pirate Squadron!" They yelled as one, and Philippe could almost see the pirate flag waving behind them. He snapped his fingers and the empty shell rangers fired, but the pirates cut the blasts in half, causing them to explode behind them. The rangers charged, facing off against various fighters. Crimzen fought Quantum, Joe battling MMPR Green, Allie battling Omega, Sanna fighting Zeo Gold, and Joe fighting Samurai. Allie kept her opponent at a distance for a bit, but the empty shell ranger eventually closed the distance, twisting her arm in a painful lock. As she cried out, Joe looked over to her. He tossed his blaster, and less than an instant later, Allie tossed her Cutlass. Snatching the second blaster out of the air, Allie rose her leg in a display of flexibility to kick Omega in the face to release her. Then, she turned swiftly and opened fire. Joe, meanwhile, had grabbed the sword and had easily started to turn the tide on MMPR Green. He blocked the shell's blows before landing a hard strike of his own on the chest shield, knocking the ranger away. Joe chased after it.

Sanna struggled with the overwhelming power of Zeo Gold. "Bones!" She yelled. The nimble doctor was doing his best not to be cut. Upon the girl's words, he tossed his sword, end over end, toward Zeo Gold. Sanna threw her gun to Bones, who caught it and blasted away at the samurai. Sanna combined the two swords and began to block the Gold Rangers powers with even greater ferocity.

Crimzen was keeping up with the Quantum Ranger, but he couldn't break free! Allie went down from a strong punch to her belt by Omega, who activated blast mode on his Omega Morpher before slamming his fist into the ground, unleashing a powerful shockwave. Bones was slashed up by the Samurai's blade, moving as fast as his ninja counterparts. "So fast." Bones marveled aloud. As The Samurai attacked again, Bones blocked as well as he could. The Green Pirates foot slipped, and both fell down the cliff. The Pirate recovered first. "Gun beats sword!" He yelled, emptying both barrels into the hollow ranger.

Sanna was holding her own against the Gold ranger, even managing to front kick him in the chest at the same time the Gold Ranger hit her with a similar move. As the emotionless ranger rose up, Sanna revealed her signature style. Her whip swords battered the ranger, knocking him right back down.
Joe, for his part, was starting to gain ground on MMPR Green. He slashed through Green's energy attack before slashing the evil ranger five times, moving so fast it looked like only one. Allie had recovered from the blast, switching both blasters into one hand. As Omega threw a punch, Allie caught it, shooting Omega point blank in the stomach before rising and shooting him away.

Crimzen dodged Quantum's sword strikes and took a deep breath. As Time seemed to slow for him, he planned his next move. Quantum thrust a strike for his face, but Crimzen dodged it, grabbing his blaster and firing into Quantum. As the Time ranger stumbled, Crimzen hit a capoeira kick to Quantum's face, followed by a hard spinning kick. The five pirates united as their enemies slowly rose in a group.

The Rangers put their ranger keys into their weapons. "Final Blast!" Allie and Bones fired two guns apiece into Omega and Samurai.

"Final Slash!" Sanna and Joe hit their opponents with a point blank energy slash/

"Final Crash!" Crimzen fired his energy shot, then chased it with a Sword Shockwave, blasting Quantum. The five hollow rangers exploded, then reverted to keys.

"Now for you, Philippe. Pray to whatever deity you worship."

"Oh, please don't hurt me, Jackie." Philippe sarcastically begged. An explosion KO'd the other 4 rangers. The Silver Space ranger, Robo-Knight, the Lunar Wolf Ranger, the Gold and Silver RPM Rangers, Solaris Knight, the White Tiger MMPR/Thunder Ranger, the white Dino thunder ranger, the gold Samurai ranger and the Mercury Overdrive Ranger! An army of sixth rangers!

The new army beat down the pirates as Philippe laughed. Mercury and White Dino slashing Allie apart, She demorphed, but White Dino dragged her up by her hair so Mercury could punch her in the face. Sanna was being beaten down by Gold and Silver RPM, demophing only to be hit by their pommels. Bones tried to fight off Silver Space and Lunar, but they simply beat him down. As he demorphed, Lunar kicked him in the face hard enough to break one of his horns. Joe struggled to fight Robo-Knight and White Tiger but he was disarmed and slashed repeatedly. He demorphed and White Tiger kicked him away from his swords.

Crimzen, struggling against Samurai gold and Solaris Knight, spotted his friends being tortured. As he struggled to help them, He was blasted away.

"Now what Jackie?" Philippe asked. "What will you do?"

Crimzen rose up, but Philippe's army all fired on him at once. The explosion hit Crimzen dead center. He blacked out.

Crimzen's right eye opened, his left eye still in darkness, in the ship's medical bay. Allie, at his bedside, and Bones, his doctor called the other two pirates. "Welcome back, Captain." Bones announced.

"You've been unconscious for three days.." The Pink Pirate explained. The other rangers were bandaged up, obviously worse for wear.

"Thanks guys." Crimzen grimaced in pain. "Hey, Bones, can you please get my eye out of the bandage."

Bones couldn't meet Crimzen's gaze. Instead, he only whispered. "I did the best I could, Captain." and handed Crimzen a mirror and a note. The note read "5 new keys for an eye. Fair trade, right Jackie?" And in the mirror, testament to the explosion Crimzen had survived, was the scar going from his right cheek to his left temple. His left eye was...well, it's better left unsaid.

Crimzen tossed the mirror, and it shattered against the wall.

I thought I heard the Old Man say
You can go ashore and take your pay.
And it's time for us to leave her

Leave her, Johnny, leave her!
Oh, leave her, Johnny, leave her!
For the voyage is long and the winds don't blow
And it's time for us to leave her.

And we'll leave her tight
and we'll leave her trim
And heave the hungry packet in
It's time for us to leave her.

Leave her, Johnny, leave her!
Oh, leave her, Johnny, leave her!
For the voyage is long and the winds don't blow
And it's time for us to leave her.

Oh, leave her, Johnny, leave her with a grin
For there's many a worser we've sailed in
And it's time for us to leave her.

Leave her, Johnny, leave her!
Oh, leave her, Johnny, leave her!
For the voyage is long and the winds don't blow
And it's time for us to leave her.

And now it's time to say goodbye
For the old pierhead's a-drawing nigh
And it's time for us to leave her
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