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Default Re: Power Rangers Pirate Squadron

Chapter 8: Samurai Strike

Joe spun his swords in an arc, slashing through the stone pillars. He slashed the left most pillar with a horizontal slash and spun around, cutting an "X" shape into the third pillar before impaling the second pillar with his both swords. Pulling it out, he stepped back. All three pillars fell down.

The other pirates clapped.

"Impressive." Crimzen stood up. "Your swordsmanship is getting really good, Joe."

"It would seem so, Captain." Joe rested the blades against his shoulders.

The Zang detector went off.

"Let's put those skills in action!" Crimzen shouted as the team ran off.

Sailors of the Sea of Stars, Heroes from beyond Mars,
Time to unite! Time to fight! Time for heroes to take flight!
Rangers return! With power to burn!
Time for evil to learn!
Pirates never fall! Rangers save us all!


Power Rangers never lose! This power that we choose!

Corsairs of the sky! Rangers do or die!


The Pirate Megazord landed, both blades slashing down. The Cy-born Arms scattered, all three trying to avoid the deadly blades.

"We don't have time for this." Crimzen sighed. The Rangers pulled out their Pirate Ranger keys.

"Star Burst!" The first Cy-Born Arms was hit by the barrage of cannonballs, exploding. The rangers pulled out their SPD keys, transforming into the Patrol Pirate Megazord.

"Final Judgment!" The rangers unloaded the Gatling Guns into the second Cy-Born Arms. As it exploded, the rangers pulled out the Mystic Force keys. The Megazord transformed into the Mystic Pirate Megazord.

"Mystic Spell Seal!" The Dragon flew from the Megazord, creating two massive exploding spell seals that detonated on the final Cy-Born Arms. The rangers walked away.

In Space

Prince Payne did not take this new loss well. He smashed his fist into the console screen, booted a unfortunate Cy-Born, and grabbed the mace of another to beat it to death with before Midos stopped him.

"My liege, you must be calm!" He explained

"How many times can these pirates ruin my plans?" Payne snarled.

"I will count up our losses." Muramassaca intoned. "Shut up!" Payne roared. "Lykia, how many elite do we have left before we have to use actual field commanders?"

"Quite a bit." Lykia answered vaguely.
"Good. Get a new plan." Prince Payne glared at the new screen. "Sink those pirates."

On the Galaxy Galleon

The rangers listened to the ORACLE system's prophecy.

"The way of the warrior leads to the next goal."

Lucca groaned in frustration. "I hate this thing so much."

"The way of the warrior?" Crimzen thought this out. "Well, let's see." He searched up way of the warrior. The results came back. All 145,297 of them. "New plan." Crimzen declared.

"Wander the city on vague information hoping to get lucky?" Sanna snarked.

"And that's different from our usual plan how?" Bones fired back. The other rangers conceded the point. They landed in Panorama City. The rangers explored every dojo, every training center, every fighting tournament. They found nothing. At last they came to a sword fighting tournament. In it, a blond haired young man wilding a bokken fought a young, African American man wielding twin wooden dao. As the dao user spun and leaped, the bokken user gave a steady eyed look. The Bokken user blocked the strikes with ease, before landing a strike on the Dao user's chest.

"Nothing here either?" Crimzen, Allie, Bones and Sanna began to walk away, but Joe was transfixed. The scene before him morphed into a scene from his past.

"Listen closely, cadets. Only the best of you will become the Amryian Honor guard in our war against the Zang!" Lieutenant Commander Sal Valis ordered. Joe fought with three other cadets, his swords a blur of motion. The other three Amryian cadets fell before him. Lieutenant Valis scowled, but covered it slightly. He unsheathed his sword. "Now, you try me." Valis' skilled sword fighting overwhelmed Joe, easily beating him down. A look of pure malice crossed the giant, scarred man's face. His sword swung down...only to be blocked mid-strike.

"Sal, what are you doing to my little brother?" The new arrival looked like Joe, but with streaks of grey in his hair and battle hardened eyes.

"Nothing, General Kassan." Valis retreated. Joe looked up. "Hey, Sid."

Later that day, Sid decided to show his younger brother his new technique. "Watch closely." Sid circled his arm before bracing it on his other arm. "X slasher!" Sid slashed twice with two lightning fast strikes, creating an "X" shaped energy shockwave. Joe marveled at his brothe

Sanna noticed Joe's drift off. "What's the matter, Jojo?" she mocked. Seeing Joe's expression, she stopped smiling. Joe shook his head. "I will be back." Joe walked over to the man with the bokken. "You are very skilled." he observed.

"Thanks. I practice every day." The blond stuck out his hand. "Jayden Shiba."

Joe shook. "Joe Kassan. I would request a sword fight from you."

Jayden thought for a minute, then agreed.

In Space

The Cy-Born were tossed through the door by a blue Cy-Born Commander, even stronger the elite.

"Great. Him." Prince Payne groaned. Muramassca blocked the strike from the new arrival.

"What do you want, Sattilizer?" Prince Payne asked

"Sattilizer? As in the King's Guard Sattilizer?"

Sattilizer strode past Midos and stared Payne down. "Your father sent me to help."

"Excellent." Paye laughed evilly. "Prepare an invasion party!"

Joe and Jayden faced off, Spin sword vs. Power Cutlass. The two clashed, swords sparking in the sun. Joe spun on his heel, launching a kick to Jayden's midsection but the Jayden blocked it with ease. Jayden swung his sword in a kendo strike. Joe blocked it and counterattacked. The two swung and parried each other until colliding in one final sword clash. An explosion interrupted their duel.

"Of course." Sanna snapped. "Just when it was getting good." The pirates took off.

The Pirates arrived, to see Prince Payne, Muramassaca, and Sattilizer.

"Alright, let's get this over with." Crimzen cracked his knuckles

"Set Sail!" The Rangers yelled, turning the Pirate keys in their morphers to transform into the Pirate rangers

"Let's go crazy!" Crimzen yelled. The rangers charged at Sattilizer, only for the Cy-Born to casually bat them all aside with his sword.

"Ok, stronger than our usual punks." Crimzen noted. "Let's use these!" The pirates pulled out the Mighty Morphin' keys.

"IT'S MORPHING TIME!" They roared as one. Transforming into the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers, they charged Sattilizer. Sanna pulled out her Power Daggers and slashed , but Sattilizer just smashed her out of the air with a move filled with disdain. Allie attempted to fire an arrow with her Power Bow, but Sattilizer slashed the blast, then slashed Allie. Bones, as the black ranger, tried fire his Power Axe, but Sattilizer just cut him down as well. Joe used the power lance, but Sattilizer simply spun out of the way to strike Joe as well. Crimzen followed up with the original Power Sword, slashing and striking. Sattilizer blocked them all and slashed Crimzen twice.

"New plan?" Sanna asked?

"New Plan." Crimzen acknowledged.

"Let me fight the Prince." Joe said. "If you remove the head of a beast, the body dies." Joe explained. Crimzen nodded. It was a good plan
"Go Galactic!" The rangers transformed into the Galaxy rangers. Four rangers charged Sattilizer, while Joe rushed toward Payne.

Before Joe could land an attack, Muramassaca blocked his strike. "No one will harm my prince." He declared.

"I will see about that." Joe charged, weapon in hand. He actually managed to dodge multiple strikes, but Muramassaca was just too skilled. Three slashes knocked Joe from Galaxy to Pirate form, sending him rolling across the ground.

Meanwhile, the other rangers were...not doing too well. Sattilizer had easily taken all four out of their Galaxy forms and was beating them handily. Crimzen was knocked against a car. Stars danced in his eyes.

"Are you alright Captain?" Allie asked.

"You kidding? I'M HAVING FUN!" Crimzen ran back into the fight.

With Joe, he had locked blades with Muramassaca again.

"I am impressed, boy." Muramassaca knocked Joe away and adopted a familiar stance. Joe's heart sank as the move powered up.

"X Slasher!" The Cy-Born General fired an X shaped blast. Joe was sent flying, demorphing as he flew. His spine smashed into a wall.
"He...can not be." Joe stammered in pain. "YOU CAN'T BE MY BROTHER! YOU CAN'T BE SID!"

"Well, not anymore." Payne confirmed Joe's fear. "Before the cyborg rebirthing process, he was Sid Kassan, a captured General in the Amryian Army. We made him into the perfect bodyguard." Payne laughed. "How ironic. Time for a family reunion! Muramassaca, kill him."

As Muramassaca powered up another blast, a gunshot rang out! Prince Payne looked down at his stomach, realizing he'd been shot! Blue blood leaked on his white robes. Payne looked around, spotting a half conscious Crimzen, who fired again and again, forcing the Zang trio to retreat.

"Joe. Let's go." Crimzen grabbed his teammate.

Later that day, Allie woke Crimzen up from his nap.

"Crimzen, Joe is gone."

Crimzen opened his eyes. "Yeah, figured as much."

Joe sat on the edge of a cliff, flashing back to the worst day of his life.

"Joe, run!" Sid yelled as the many, many Cy-born surrounded him. "I will hold them off as long as I can!"

"Brother!" Joe was frozen. "This is insane! Even you can not beat so many."

Sid just smiled before charging back to the fight.

"Mind if I sit here?" a voice spoke up. It was Jayden. Jayden sat down. "You ok?"

"No. Just thinking of the worst day of my life." Joe explained.

"You lost your family. But the way I see it, you gained one too." Jayden stood up. "I was in the same place as you once. But my friends, they helped me out." he smiled. "They saved me. And yours saved you."

Joe looked off in the distance, remembering the day a red eyed, dark skinned man arrived to help him fight off the Zang trying to kill him. They fought like they rehearsed it, standing back to back. They slashed and stabbed, defeating the Cy-born, and the man had said something Joe never forgot after the battle. "If you want death, stay here. But, if you should wish to be free, come with me." The man held out a blue key for Joe to take. It resounded with Joe, both glowing blue. Joe took the key and never looked back.

Joe looked at Jayden. "Yes. You are right." Joe's morpher went off, alerting him to a Cy-Born attack.

Joe stood up to leave, but Jayden wasn't done. He handed Joe a white disk. "Here. For luck." An afterimage of the Red Samurai ranger glowed over Jayden for a second. Joe nodded, then ran off.

The other four rangers were getting beaten rather soundly. They had taken down the Cy-born easily, but Sattilizer was still alive and too much for them. More Cy-born had arrived as well.

Joe walked up to his friends. "I am here." Crimzen clapped Joe's shoulder. "Welcome back."

"Ready to rock, Boy Blue?" Sanna asked. Joe smirked confidently. "I am always ready."

"Set Sail!" The rangers yelled as one.

The rangers suddenly stood on the deck of the Galaxy Galleon. They burst forward, before grabbing a rope and launching themselves high into the air on it. They let go at the Apex of his swing and their ranger suits materialized on their bodies. When they landed in a three point stance, the helmets appeared. The emblem on the helmet and chest glowed.

"Pirate Red." Crimzen stated, popping the collar of his suit.

"Pirate Blue." Joe pushed the front of his helmet in a manner reminiscent of the way he fixes his hair.

"Pirate Yellow!" Sanna yelled, then threw a peace sign salute at the monsters

"Pirate Green!" Bones excitedly ran his hands down his pants legs, as if to stop his legs from shaking.

"Pirate Pink!" Allie placed her hand over her heart and gave a slight bow.

"Power Rangers! Pirate Squadron!" They yelled as one, and the Cy-Born could almost see the pirate flag waving behind them.

Sanna handed Joe her saber. "Here, Joe." She ran forward with Bones and Allie. Joe and Crimzen stood back to back, fighting as they did long ago. They slashed and stabbed, stuck and cut, like a dance of death.

Allie, Bones and Sanna shot down the Cy-born that weren't in the red and blue duo's range. Coming together, they decided to take down Sattilizer. "Go Go Samurai!" They yelled as one, transforming into the Samurai rangers. The girls and Bones slashed in a storm, slashing Sattilizer away.

"Fire Smasher!" Crimzen activated the flame disk and leaped high into the air. "Blazing strike!" He slammed the Zanbato down on Sattilizer, freeing Joe up for a move. "Here is a present from a new friend!" Using the white disk, Joe created a second spin sword. The two blue warriors leaped into the air, but this time Joe was the one blocking all of Sattilizer's attacks. He sent the blue commander smashing to the ground. Sattilizer rose shakily. "You...where did this power come from?"

"You guys never learn." Sanna laughed.

"It is our bond as friends, as family." Joe explained.

"Time for you to go!" Crimzen declared as the rangers turned back into their pirate forms. They inserted their keys into their Cutlasses and assumed the poses for Final Slash.

"FINAL SLASH!" Five energy slashes hit Sattilizer, blowing him up.

In space, The Zang Prince held his wound as he ordered Lykia to fire the Magna Cannons to revive the fallen Sattilizer.

The rangers responded, as per tradition, by immediately summoning their Megazord. They created the Wild Pirate Megazord, firing a blast of energy from the mouth of the Lion, but Sattilizer blocked it. Sattilizer fired off continuous sword beams, buffeting the rangers.

"We can't get close!" Sanna punched her wheel.

"Yes. We. Can!" Joe grew focused. Almost in response to him, the Samurai keys began to glow.

"Another True Power." Crimzen grabbed the key out of the air. The other rangers followed his lead, inserting the keys.

The Lion broke apart, becoming the ranger symbols of the samurai rangers. It fused into the Pirate Megazord, the pirate hat replaced by a Shogun helmet and the cutlasses transformed into a double bladed Naginata.

"Samurai Pirate Megazord!" The Rangers yelled,

Sattilizer summoned Cy-Born Arms to save himself, but the rangers simply cut them all down like stalks of grass, ending in a spinning tornado slash.

After knocking Sattilizer down with a strike from the naginata, the rangers channeled their powers. "Finishing attack!" They roared, transforming the naginata into a megasized version of the fire smasher. "Samurai Flame Strike!" They slammed the fire blade down, utterly destroying Sattilizer.

Joe stared out his window. I may have lost my brother. But I've gained a new family as well. He smiled at the others, who were too busy arguing about the next move to see him. But Muramassaca...I will deal with alone. I will destroy him and release Sid's soul.

[Jayden, Mia, Mike, Kevin, Emily:] Samurai forever!
[Jayden:] Huh! - Jayden.
[Mia:] Huh! - Mia.
[Mike:] Huh! - Mike.
[Kevin:] Huh! - Kevin.
[Emily:] Huh! - Emily.
[Antonio]Huh - Antonio!
Go Go Power Rangers!
Go Go Power Rangers!
Rangers Together!
Samurai Forever!
Go Go Power Rangers!
Go Go Power Rangers!
Rangers Together!
Samurai Forever!
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