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Originally Posted by PRangerX View Post
I think Ranger fans have always read too much into Forever Red's plot holes. The special was supposed to be a special team up and it succeeded in that regard. With a half and hour there wasnt enough time for a lot of exposition. Plus it kinda makes the episode more legendary since fans can use their imagination to feel in gaps.

Aparently, Amit intended for Jason to have gotten his powers back from the evil Red Ranger in the comics. TJ got his powers back from Lightening Cruiser just like Justin did with Mountain Blaster. Which is pretty plausible. Amit wanted to have Rocky make a cameo as Tommy's butler but the actor couldnt be found at the time. The plan was to have a multiparter but it wasn't aloud in budget.

And really we know now that the Zeo Powers didnt becomr the Turbo Powers so it probably wasnt that hard for Tommy to get them back.
I think it's just the fact that nitpicks add up after a while.

That plus it seems sometimes that the folks in charge of the actual professional production do things that we probably would get crap for if we were stereotypical loser nerds who live in their mom's basement writing fanfics.

Truth be told though I don't really care all that much about Forever Red's continuity issues or even Once a Ranger's as much as I do Super Megaforce's.

On topic you know I never really thought too much about why Jason, Tommy, and TJ had their powers back.

If I had made it I would have gone with the original idea of evil space priests trying to bring back Dark Spector, and having it where since Dark Spector is the physical embodiment of darkness, and evil it causes some weird flux in the balance of good, and evil that brings back Zordon since he's the embodiment of light, and good.

Also I would try to have other past villain groups besides just the Machine Empire like Zedd, and Rita, Space Pirates, Bansheera's demons, and mutant criminals from 3001 be represented.
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