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Default Power Rangers Enshi

Power Rangers: Enshi
A fanfic by Stone

Chapter 1: Lessons Learned
Aurora, City Spire Corona

Professor Caldir, a perky blond woman of approximately 40 years of age, stands in the center of an Auroran classroom. Like all compartments in a city spire, this room is round and white from floor to ceiling. It’s brilliant light seeming to come from everywhere. One half of the round walls is a proto-screen. Like glass it is translucent and filters out noise but is incorporeal. The furniture all matches the room and seems to have been molded from the floors or walls themselves, as if the structure was first formed of liquid then solidified.

Circling the professor in a row of orb like chairs, are late-teen aged students: three humans, and five alien. The alien students are of an ivory skinned variety, they are lithe, lanky, and slender. Their faces are mostly flat, void of protruding noses, but discernible eyes and mouths make them remarkably unique in variation, as humans are to each other. They possess rigids in place of eyebrows that swoop around either side of their heads. The males are bald where the females have long straight hair that vary in colors of yellow, green, and orange. They are a species known as The Cling, and though they have assimilated to life in Corona, their presence is highly controversial and kept secret to the world outside of Aurora.

Caldir now addresses her charges. “Alright class! You’ve had all week to study the material and prepare for oral dissertations. As is my style, I will randomly call upon you to present a random topic about Enshi history. Are you ready?” The low drum of excited responses from the students indicated they indeed were ready. It was not uncharacteristic for Auroran children to get excited, even prideful, about displays of academic achievement. Auroran culture revolves around the pursuit of knowledge, and holds intelligence in higher value than any form of currency throughout the four nations.

“Okay… Milsh, tell us about ‘Pre-Imperial Earth’.” In response to the Professor, a milky skinned girl with messy short hair, stood and recited her words… “Earth was a decisively divided world. But it’s resourcefulness and unity would be found in chaos. After an influx of invasions from extraterrestrial forces, the world would eventual unit in it’s defense, then it’s growth. First forming intergalactic bonds with Aquitar, Mirinoi and KO-35. Then devoting the world's greatest minds to the technological advancement necessary to launch a deep space mission that would over shadow earth's previous attempts at colonization.

Approximately 50 years into the global research summit, a private organization known as Alphabet Soup would unwittingly create a super virus known as Venjix. Venjix would lay waste to 97% of earth’s population and transform the planet into a literal wasteland.”
“Very good Milsh.” The Professor praised the girl when she let out a sigh of relief, for having remembered all of the material. “I know you all spent a lot of time studying this material, but try not to recite the official texts verbatim. Who's next…? K’gleg, tell us about ‘Post Imperial Earth’.” The professor said to one of the Cling students before taking her seat. The student was taller and skinnier than any of the other Cling present. He rose from his seat methodically to tower over his fellow students than softly and eloquently spoke.

“To continue where student Milsh left off… during the infancy of the Venjix takeover, a single city known for it’s superior development of military arms, stood out as a stronghold for the remaining human race. Corinth survived nearly a year of nonstop attacks from the sentient robot army that rose from the evolution of the Venjix AI. After developing a series of human operated battle systems known as Power Rangers, Venjix would eventually be defeated and the humans free to repopulate and redevelop their world. Since Corinth was the only bastion of technology and it’s infrastructure still intact: it would become the capital of Earth, and the heart of the Corinthian Empire… the planetary government.”

“Excellent!” Caldir erupted happily springing to her feet. “Walsh… tell us about the Colonization of Enshi.” “Child's play.” a gruff young man said under his breath as he stood. “Enshi was one of the first cities in the China territory to be rebuilt and some 30 or so years later it would rise to academic notoriety. Astronomer Anton Wang would discover an inhabitable planet in Earth’s neighboring galaxy. This planet. Instead of naming it after himself, he named it after his city Enshi. Another 52 years later, approximately one hundred years after the defeat of Venjix, the Corinthian Empire launched its first colonization mission. The Terra Venture 2.

“However… the K drive systems the TV2 had would only shorten the travel time from the Milky Way to Andromeda by 2.2 million years. The humans aboard were traveling for nearly 200 hundred years before they reached Enshi. Generations of humans came and went and Corinthian ideologies were lost. When the Venture landed on Enshi, Corinthian Imperial Law was ancient history. New factions sprung up and each had different moral standings and ideas on how the planet should be settled and governed. To avoid conflict three Nations were formed, then in year 26 a fourth Nation was founded in peaceful rebellion.”

The student then took his seat, annoyed, suggesting he was done with his presentation. “...okay.” The Professor sighed as she stood. “Let's move onto our four nations. Toby Why don't you tell us about our nation.” Toby silently celebrated the fact that he got the easiest topic… his home country. “Aurora is the pinnacle of Scientific progress. We claimed a portion of the planet to study and develop, uninhibited by the ideals of those who would question progress or force their moral standings on our works. We created the City Spires to best house our populations while creating as little impact on the natural environment as possible. Our research and advances are embraced by three of the four corners of this planet, and like the Corinthian Empire, we hope to one day provide a means for our descendants to explore the cosmos. After we figure out how to reclaim the Trust I mean.” Toby said, before awkwardly taking his seat.

“You aren’t wrong.” Caldir affirmed before pointing to another of the Cling males. “Yen, tell us about Vorishal… from your uniquely inhuman perspective.” Yen stood, considerably more stout than the other Cling, their version of a muscle head. He had a deep scar running through his face, and a ‘chip on his shoulder’ demeanor. “Vorishal is the bastard of Aurora.” He stated matter-of-factly as the other students muffled their giggles. “Go on…” the Professor prodded inquisitively. “Aurora treasures it’s pursuit of knowledge above all else. So much so you would banish your own children and loved ones who do not measure up to the impossible academic standards placed on all of your citizens. Fortunately for you elitist, on the colonies 26th year a few defectors from Banderfell reclaimed the ruins of the Terra Venture scrap yard to build a new home away from the oppression of religious fanatics.” The Professor interrupted “... and why was that a good thing for Aurora?”
“So that you would not feel guilty, if ever you elitist were still capable of emotion, for sending your unwanted out into the world. Thanks to Vorishal they have a place to go.”

“Okay, say we didn’t send our unscholarly to Vorishal… what kind of life could those people have here? In a society that treats IQ like status? They would be miserable. At least in Vorishal they’d be free to carve out a life that best suits them. Now put your biased aside for this part… what else is Vorishal known for?” Caldir said to an increasingly aloof Yen. “Vorishal is the world's only Democracy, each of it’s many City States governing themselves. They have become a beacon of Industrialization, Art, and Culture. A much more suitable home for us Cling instead of this zoo you have us in.”
“Alright… thank you Yen.” The Professor said in a patronizing tone.

“Let's hear from Yidiff. Tell us about the Bodge.” Yidiff was almost as perky as Professor Caldir. She had her red streaked orange hair clipped back by a small barrette, and she kept her arms awkwardly clutched in front of her abdomen. “Oh yay! I like the Bodge. Okay… so like the Bodge were worried that the humans who had just arrived to Enshi would repeat the same mistakes as the humans on Earth. You know like over industrialization and stuff. So they took a more primitive approach to life here, bio-fusion. Living as one with the land. They aren't completely without modern conveniences, but they use them minimalistically. They are experts in botany and veterinary studies, and Auroran research show they are of a much denser and hardier physiology that occurs naturally from their exposure to the harsh environment they choose to live in. I personally love their more tribal aesthetics… and how lucky are they to be surrounded by cute little animals all the time.” Yidiff swooned.

“I don't know Yidiff, some of them gritters will eat you alive…” The Professor joked before gesturing to the other female Cling. “Galo. Tell us about The Banderfell Kingdom.” Galo stood, her long green hair draping over her shoulders, her clothing considerably more human in design than the other Cling, but her voice was soothing a methodical like K’gleg’s. “It is unclear when it was formed, but at some point during the Terra Venture 2’s journey, a group of it’s passengers denounced all Earth based faiths and formed their own: ‘The Call’. When the Venture reached Enshi… the Grand Choir, church of The Call, did not participate in the debates over colonization. Instead they announced from the very start that they would claim their own lands and rule themselves. The Choir would eventually adopt a monarchy to govern its masses, and over time the township of Banderfell would become the Choir’s principal Kingdom, and thus are all of the Choirs lands considered territory of Banderfell.

“Teachings of the Call are greatly protected by it’s members and as such we have not been able to study it. But it is believed that sometime after coming to Enshi the ideology of the religion changed to best support it’s Kingdom's leaders. The folk of the Kingdom live lives of immeasurable scrutiny, as service to The Call seems to involve pointing out others lack of service. International relations with Banderfell are strenuous as they detest all whom do not ‘Heed the Call’. I fear if ever Enshi were to have another war… it would be against The Call of Banderfell.”

“Very good. Since you bring up war… let's hear about a touchy subject. Jannik, you pulled the short straw, you're the last one. Tell us about Enshi’s first war.” Jannick let out a heavy sigh, and did not immediately rise from his seat. Jannik was of average height and build for a Cling, though his face seemed rounder and more expressive. Of all the subjects to cover today, none of the Cling wanted to talk about the war. “Professor, does it not seem cruel to have a Cling talk about this?” Jannik softly questioned.
“Of course it is, but Aurorans breed cruelty…” Yen interjected.
“Yen! Enough!” the Professor practically shouted. “The war is Enshi history… which means it’s now Cling history. We don't teach it as a form of ridicule, we teach it to learn from it. To grow from it. As you all must do… grow FROM it. You weren’t even alive during those conflicts but you anchor yourselves down by them. Jannik, the war…” She said authoritatively.

Jannik slowly stood, then collected his thoughts before speaking. “The original Enshi colony, which now lies at the center of Vorishal was actually the center city dome of the Terra Venture 2. It separated from the stations pylon section and landed on the planet's surface. The pylon portion of the station remained in Enshi’s orbit and was renamed The Trust. A few hundred scientist and engineers stayed aboard the Trust with no means to join the others on the surface. This sacrifice was made for the sole purpose of Enshi’s eventual expansion. The people who stayed aboard the Trust knew that their descendants might some day remaster space travel, but much ground work had to be laid before the Trust could produce such technologies.
“Unfortunately the Trust's energy signature attracted the attention of a space bound race of nomadic scavengers. The Cling.” Jannik could barely spit the words out as his fellow Cling classmates uncomfortably wriggled in their seats. “The Clings fleet came to Enshi in full force and began laying waste to the surface. It is still unknown why they attacked the surface while seemingly avoiding the Trust, speculation suggests they intended on commandeering the Trust after the surface was pillaged, who knows.

“Without aerial defenses the Nations were ill equipped to protect themselves. Approximately one week after the siege began The Trust finally responded to the attack: One of the leading Engineers on board, Professor Anders, reverse engineered all Corithian data on the Power Ranger Program and they quickly created Enshi’s first and only Power Ranger, Ranger Series Bronze. Over the course of eight days Bronze engaged in nonstop planetary battle, and completely annihilated the Cling fleet. Our grandparents were the few Cling that survived the crash. Upon learning that Clings were compatible with Enshi atmosphere the Aurorans secretly took in the survivors for study, and eventual emancipation. But the rest of the world doesn't know we’re alive. And would likely call for our eradication should they find out.”

“Correct. You all hold the past so close to heart, as if you were the ones involved in those battles. You can't continue to carry that shame, especially if your children or grand children may finally find freedom here on Enshi one day. We might have been the victims of that war, but we made questionable decisions during that time too. Remember we didn't know the Cling were nomads, we didn't know that your entire species had come to our new planet. So when Bronze destroyed the bulk of the Cling fleet, and the few ships outside of the battle tried to flee… what did we do?” Toby jumped in to answer “We had Bronze chase them down.”

“That’s right. We almost killed off your entire species. Nothing good came to either side from the war, but we learn from it, and avoid the same mistakes later down the road. So long as you teach children this.” The professor concluded. “You all did very well with your presentations, but there was a reason why I covered this topic this week. We all know that Ranger Series Bronze had a massive arsenal available to her, but using those weapons drained the Trust of it’s own power. The Trust and Ranger series Bronze have not been heard of since the last battle some 60 years ago. Well I’ve been authorized to share that tomorrow the Corona Security Force is going to use Doctor Meglin's transporter system to launch the first manned teleportation into the Trust.” The students erupted with excitement. “I wonder what they’ll find?”
“What if they’ve been alive up there all this time?”
“What if the transporter does not work?”
“I know, I know… exciting times!” The Professor hollered over the students. “And official announcement will be made to the spire this evening, but our class is one of only two that have been invited to observe.” That bombshell was the unofficial end of class, the remainder of the period was devoted to excited speculation. But Jannik felt uneasy about topic… something just did not feel right.

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