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Default Re: Evox's Revenge Episode Discussion

Originally Posted by mbozzo View Post
'Evox's Revenge' is a good episode. We get a new general, 3 new zords and 3 Beast Bots. The comedy relief aided the rangers and they fight their first monster and their first giant bot. I can't wait for the next episode.
Scrozzle and the Beast Bots' voice actors all have a long history with Power Rangers.

Scrozzle's voice actor is Campbell Cooley.
He's done as follows: S.P.D's Tomars
Mystic Force's Skullington (in the ep when Xander debuted the Mystic Fighters)
Overdrive's Dragonizer. Vulturus and Alpha 6 in "Once A Ranger"
Jungle Fury's Barakouzza
RPM's Magnetron
Samurai's Rhinosnorus
Megaforce's Malkor
Super Megaforce's Sirjinkor
Dino Charge's Equipment Voice and Snide
Ninja Steel's Cosmo, Ripcon and the Pumpkin Judge that's on the right hand side

Cruise's voice actor is Kelson Henderson
Dino Thunder's Eddie in "A Star is Torn" and the Announcer's voice in Thunder Storm
S.P.D's Boom and the voices of Bugglesworth and Devastation
Mystic Force's Phineas
Overdrive's Norg - suit actor and voice also Mig the Green Fearcat's voice
Jungle Fury's Flit's voice and also his human form after Camille returns him back to normal
RPM's Sat-bot's voice
Megaforce's Psychotick's voice (monster who tried draining Robo Knight's energy so Prince Vrak could capture Robo Knight)
Dino Charge's Cavity's voice
Ninja Steel's Badpipes (monster who hypnotized Hayley) and actor who played Mick.

Smash's voice actor is Charlie McDermott
He's done as follows: Mystic Force's voice of Hekatoid
Overdrive's voice of Blothgaar, monster in bad luck episode
Jungle Fury's voice of Pangolin, monster that debuted against Yellow's Mace
RPM's voice of General Crunch
Samurai's voice of Grinataur, Nighlok that made people eat and eat and eat
Megaforce's voice of Bigs
Ninja Steel's voice of Cat O'Clock
Super Ninja Steel's voice of Ryogre, 1 of the 4 Galactic Ninjas

Emmett Skilton, voice of Jax
He's done as follows:
Dino Supercharge's voice of Professor Strickler
Super Ninja Steel's Dreadwolf and Stabberous' voices
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