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Default Major Dekaranger Rumor

from Dukemon 22 (of course...)

Sentai Turning Kamen Rider-ish... More Rangers
"A rumor I just found explains the origin of Doggy Kruger's powers and identity as DekaMaster. It seems he was the extra ranger of an elite SPD task force, another planet's Dekaranger. The rumor is his team mates will resurface, probably with the third robo of the series. This would set the record for most rangers in the series, at a total of 9. The 3 rangers rumored are:

DekaQueen(female leader)- D-Arms are named Barurogu

DekaBishop(male)- D-Arms are named Sagatto

DekaShadow(male)- D-Arms are named Bison

They are rumored to somehow arrise. Maybe as evil rangers. Who knows. What would be awsome, is to have an actual secondary team, that handles what the regular team can't. they could be like the Neo Jetman perhaps. This is still rumor as of now."

Mecha Rumour:
"It's rumored that DekaBaseRobo's arms will be used by DekarangerRobo as shoulder mounted cannons, kind of like Victrailer and VRV Robo's relationship."

I hope they do this.
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