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Default Re: Kamen Rider Fourze Discussion Thread

You know? I doubt really that half of what you just said: you aren't really very opinionated about and rather you just disagreed with me just for the hell of it and was in a way paying me back for the sarcastic comment I made at the start of my post... Yes? Because I'm certainly sensing that type of Attitude from you >.<

Over the past 20 or so episodes, All Samurai has done is make me feel like a preschooler the whole way through. It might be just be a 'dub' of Shinkenger but they have dumbed it down so much! [Emily falling into a deep sleep forever instead of dying like the original Shinkenger Episode was enough to annoy the hell out of me] The fact that they are marketing PRS to older children I find kind of comical to be honest.

I didn't feel like a Preschooler through MMPR - Space. Or any of the following Seasons all the way up to RPM. They didn't make me feel like a total buffoon. Samurai does.

I guess it was kind of stupid to compare Samurai to Fourze in the first place considering that Toei and Saban can get away and not get away with certain things. Fourze might not resemble the dark storylines of Faiz... Or Blade, or Ryuki that your accustom to. But at the end of the day, Fourze doesn't make me feel like an idiot.

Then again. We could just leave it in your words

In your opinion. Not mine, guess whose matters to me.
You compared Fourze with the likes of Samurai, I disagreed with your opinion. So I posted. I've now explained why I have that opinion.That's all there is to it. Ball is in your court.
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