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Default Re: Rumored Rangers That MIGHT be returning next year

Spotted in New Zealand
*Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel films in New Zealand

•Jason David Frank – Tommy Oliver, Green Mighty Morphin Ranger
•Steve Cardenas – Rocky DeSantos, Zeo Ranger III, Blue
•Catherine Sutherland – Katherine Hillard, Zeo Ranger I, Pink
•Jason Faunt – Wes Collins, Red Time Force Ranger
•Jeffrey Parazzo – Trent Fernandez, White Dino Thunder Ranger
•Nic Sampson – Chip Thorn, Yellow Mystic Ranger
•Steven Skyler - Antonio Garcia, Gold Samurai Ranger
•Ciara Hanna – Gia Moran, Yellow Megaforce Ranger
•Yoshi Sudarso – Koda, Blue Dino Charge Ranger
•James Davies - Chase Randall, Black Dino Charge Ranger

Rumored to Appear
*Reported by That Hashtag Show

•Johnny Yong Bosch – Adam Park, Zeo Ranger IV, Green
•Nakia Burrise – Tanya Sloan, Zeo Ranger II, Yellow
•Pua Magasiva – Shane Clarke, Red Wind Ranger
•Sally Martin – Tori Hanson, Blue Wind Ranger
It'd be awesome if we got to see all of their related weapons obviously the Green Mighty Morphin Ranger didn't really use the Dragon Dagger as a weapon but it'd be nice if we got to see other weapons and attacks such as for example all of the following stuff:

Zeo Blades, Pistols and Laser Pistols along with their individual weapons and their Zeo Jet Cycles.
Chrono Saber both the lance form and the dual form plus the Time Strike attack along with his V-1 weapon, his Red Battle Warrior form, the Electro Booster, the Vector Cycle and the Strata Cycle.
The Drago Sword, its special attack, his ATV and of course his Super Dino Mode.
Magi Staff, his Staff's Crossbow Mode, Legend Warrior, Lion Staff, Mystic Racer
Barracuda Blade
Gia's related Megaforce weapons but also her Super Mega Mode weapons.
Koda and Chase's related weapons
Shane and Tori's Ninja Swords, Laser Blasters, Gliders, Tsunami Cycles, their Ninja Swords in Gold Mode and of course Shane's Battlizer.
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