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Default Re: Rumored Rangers That MIGHT be returning next year

Originally Posted by Massive Ego View Post
Oh its absolutely about saving money. He isn't wrong there.
actually he is wrong since it's not ALL about money like he's claiming it to be it's a bunch of things since being an union production would mean they would have to play by union rules which means they're required to get a certain amount of breaks, they'd be required to pay the actors their union-mandated salary as well as residuals and they're already paying residuals to most Space-Wild Force SAG actors including the voice actors and not to mention they would have to pay all transportation costs.

Derek Stephen Prince for example still gets residual paychecks because of Elgar and Tankenstein in Space, Treacheron in Galaxy, Fishface's 2nd voice in Galaxy, Jetara in Time Force and Tire Org in Wild Force.
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