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Default Re: PRO Hall of Fame Induction 2 Scheduled for Feburary 21, 2012

Originally Posted by Kamen Rider Decade View Post
To many fans not enough people who make it happen.

Min 2 to 1 ratio IMO.
I've been getting that complaint. But the reason for that is that it was originally supposed to be a fandom hall of fame. This year I did four so I could include Mike. But next year there will be three fans. And it actually balances out. Since you have cast, crew, and character introductions, to add up to three inductions on the production side. I may have to pare things down in a few years anyway. So I don't burn through too many people. Since there aren't as many webmasters these days. Also on the show side, the Rangers sometimes don't stay long enough to be Hall of Fame Worthy.
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