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Default Re: Rebel Force Power Rangers (Fan Fiction)

Originally Posted by mbozzo View Post
I can't wait to read more of this fan story.
I recreate it now:

Along time ago before Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. In the Universe. Zordon and his newly married wife, Dimitria along with his newly Sister-in-law Divatox, his newly Nephew Elgar, and his newly brother-in-law Havoc. They traveling around the universe together. They have to get gold for fuel for their Command Center spaceship. They landed on Edenoi to get some fuel.

Hooded Figure told Zordon about the Ninjor and gave him the map to the Power Coins. Also the Hooded Figure told Zordon about the Prophecy of 6th Power Rangers. On the same planet. They meets Goesi. They also met King Lexian who was finishing up Alpha 5.

Master Org, Master Vile, and Dark Specter with the Queen Bansheera attacked the planet of Edenoi. The Rebel Force was Master Vile's daughter, Rita Repulsa and her secret crush Zedd.

Master Org, Master Vile, and Dark Specter with the Queen Bansheera found out about the power coins cause they were spying on the Hooded Figure to trying to figure out who he was.

Now the Race for the Power Coins started. Zedd was the first one to find the Red Power Coin by saving Rita. Goldar saved Zedd by doing that. He found Yellow Power Coin. Divatox was the next one to find one this one was the pink power coin. Gosei came upon the blue power coin. Rita found the Green Power Coin. The Last one was found by Zordon who found the Black power coin.

Diabolico cast a spell while Zedd and Goldar was in the transforming into the Power Rangers. They become they look in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series. Scorpina, Finster, Squatt and Baboo join into the battle to help with Zordon, Zedd, Goldar, Gosei, Dimitria, Elgar, Havoc, and Divatox. Zedd, Goldar, Gosei and Divatox gave their power coins to Zordon. Cause they could feel the evil side of themselves is coming out. Rita keep the green power coin for herself.

Queen Bansheera made the Dumpster to put Zordon and King Lexian into it. Trey, Masked Rider came to save them with the Hooded Figure. They

After the 10 years of the Demons sealed, Rita, Goldar, Finster, Squatt and Baboo into the Dumpster. Rita made both Zordon trapped in a dimension with no way out. The Sorcerer of the Sands trapped the Demons and send the temple to primitive Earth. Alpha 5 got thrown into the Command Center by King Lexian and Masked Rider.

Animus, Princess Shayla and Merrick got onto the Command Center ship with them. Master Org got on the top of the ship. Alpha 5 went warp speed. Earth and part of the ship crushes into the Earth and destroyed the Dinosaurs. cause from the powers coins they use made the Dino gems and the Zeo crystals.
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